Thursday 21rd September 2023

BEZIOR XF200 E-Bike - Versatility and performance meet comfort!

BEZIOR XF200 E Bike folding bike 2023 1

[Display] The BEZIOR XF200 is an innovative and powerful e-bike that is characterized by its first-class equipment and versatility. It combines comfort, performance and design and offers users a unique driving experience that is convincing both in the city and on demanding terrain. The e-bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that ensures sufficient stability and durability. The front and rear axles are equipped with double oil suspension, which effectively absorbs bumps in the terrain.

BEZIOR XF200 E bike

The BEZIOR XF200 is powered by a 1000 watt high-speed electric motor. This is light and works with a star gear that increases the torque and increases energy efficiency. The e-bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery equipped, which is hidden in the frame and thus protected from water and dust.

In pure electric mode, the e-bike can reach up to 50 km, while pedal-assist mode allows for an impressive range of up to 130 km. The outstanding climbing performance of the BEZIOR XF200 is made possible by the 1000 watt brushless motor (250 watt normal output), which guarantees plenty of torque and strong climbing ability. This makes navigating hills and mountains an easy task.

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The e-bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, which makes it possible to change to a larger sprocket when going uphill and to a smaller one at high speeds. In combination with the pedal support, you always have the right speed for every situation. Another highlight of the BEZIOR XF200 is the intelligent LCD display, which features a new interactive user interface. Here you can change gears, view driving data and adjust the performance of the engine. The display is also IP65, waterproof and dustproof.

The 20 × 4,0 inch wide tires are excellent for a wide variety of surfaces such as snow, asphalt, gravel and bumpy roads. They have excellent traction and provide extra comfort while driving. This is for maximum security and control BEZIOR XF200 equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that allow a dual braking system both front and rear. The brakes ensure efficient and smooth braking, even during emergency braking. The e-bike can also be used as a highlight collapse, so it can be stored in the trunk of the car, in the elevator or even in the apartment without taking up much space. The practical design makes transporting the e-bike much easier.

equipped with high-quality components

The front fork of the BEZIOR XF200 is equipped with a suspension fork that effectively absorbs shock and vibration and responds to various road conditions. This ensures the ultimate comfort experience, even on uneven roads. Overall, the BEZIOR XF200 is an excellent e-bike that impresses with high-quality components, impressive performance and an attractive design. It enables a unique driving experience, regardless of the road conditions or the environment. Whether on the way to work, on a relaxed weekend tour or exploring new paths, the BEZIOR XF200 is the ideal companion for all your driving adventures.

The main features of BEZIOR XF200:

  1. 1000W brushless motor: The lightweight 1000W electric motor uses an internal star gear to boost torque and improve energy efficiency.
  2. 48V 15Ah high capacity battery: The 48V 15Ah 18650 lithium battery is fully integrated in the frame. In pure electric mode, the range is up to 50 km, while in assisted mode, the range is up to 130 km.
  3. Excellent climbing performance: The BEZIOR XF200 is equipped with the 1000W motor, so that climbing mountains becomes child's play.
  4. Shimano 7-speed gears: The Shimano 7-speed derailleur allows you to choose the right gears in combination with the Pedal Assist system to always have the right speed.
  5. Smart LCD display: The XF200's intelligent display has a new interactive user interface with integrated gear changes, data display, power control and is also IP65 water and dust resistant.
  6. 20×4.0 Tires: The 20×4.0 inch all-terrain tires are 10 cm wide and offer excellent slip and vibration resistance. This ensures greater stability and more comfort.
  7. Double shock absorbers: The e-bike features a front fork shock absorber and a 650-pound (0,29t) rear oil spring shock absorber for added comfort.
  8. Hydraulic disc brakes: The BEZIOR XF200 uses DYISLAND disc brakes, which enable a dual braking system both at the front and at the rear. The S disc brakes ensure rapid heat dissipation and efficient but gentle braking is also possible in the event of emergency braking.
  9. Foldable: The BEZIOR XF200 folds easily so it can be stored in the trunk of a car, in the elevator or at home without space problems. This makes the e-bike extremely practical and easy to transport.
  10. Fork suspension: The front fork suspension system effectively reduces interference and adapts to various road conditions.

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In summary, the BEZIOR XF200 electric bike is a versatile and powerful choice for anyone looking for a reliable electric bike. With the impressive engine performance, the long battery life and the comfortable driving characteristics, it is suitable for a wide variety of types of terrain.

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