E-Scooter IO HAWK "Collide" with innovative folding mechanism!

New e-scooter for the city or off-road: IO HAWK "Collide" with an innovative folding mechanism for compact dimensions during transport - ideal for campers or travelers. The new IO HAWK "Collide" is the hybrid model of the e-scooters. He feels just as comfortable in the city as in the forest, whether in winter or in summer. But the electric scooter not only scores with its flexibility when it comes to handling. The "Collide" is also adaptable during transport. It can be folded up compactly in just a few simple steps, making it the ideal companion for commuting to work or camping. The handlebars and the stem are folded in completely, the handlebars are telescoped into one another. When folded, the ingenious electric speedster has dimensions of just 126 x 22 x 55 cm. A small NFC chip card for the bunch of keys denies unauthorized access and acts as a key locking system to protect against theft.

IO HAWK "Collide"

The "Collide" transmits its off-road passion to the driver with an adjustable double spring (double coil swing arm suspension) and at the same time ensures a high level of comfort - even on roads full of potholes. The comfortable driving experience is supported by the robust off-road tires with a diameter of 21,6 cm (8 inches). The IO HAWK e-scooter also has one of the widest and most comfortable handlebars in its class. The telescopic stem of the scooter enables the handlebar height to be precisely adjusted from 76 to 103 cm (from the deck). Thanks to its approx. 67 cm long and around 20 cm wide deck, the "Collide" enables a safe and pleasant driving experience. In addition, the step plate, which is located in the rear part of the deck, increases foot space by another 12 cm. So even tall people stand firmly and comfortably when driving.

The Collide is equipped with a 500 watt brushless hub motor powered by a 48 V battery. The lithium battery installed in the spacious running board has a capacity of 15 Ah / 720 Wh and enables a range of up to 67 km. If desired, the charging process can be carried out via two separate charging ports. If two 2 Ah power packs are connected (one power pack is included in the scope of delivery), the charging time can be reduced from approx. 7,5 hours to just 3,75 hours. The electric speedster's braking system includes a pair of mechanical disc brakes and an electronic ABS brake for additional safety. In this way, the e-scooter guarantees precise braking in all weather conditions.

On the right side of the handlebar is the Collide’s QS-S4 display. It shows the speed, the driving time, the driving mode, the mileage, the battery status and the battery voltage of the battery and also allows numerous setting options. Including the selection of the acceleration method, the automatic switch-off time of the scooter when not in use and much more. The driver selects the three speed modes of the "Collide" (9 km/h, 14 km/h or 20 km/h) via the separate throttle lever. Other highlights are the 80 lux front light and a rear light with integrated brake light. The light unit is conveniently controlled on the handlebars. Optionally, IO HAWK offers turn signals from the German manufacturer Kellermann. They are considered to be the brightest, legal blinkers in Europe.

optionally in black or white

The sporty IO HAWK "Collide" is available in either black or white. Thanks to its flexible driving characteristics and the clever folding mechanism, which optimally equips the 23 kg scooter for transport, the IO HAWK "Collide" adapts dynamically to the needs of its driver - on the way to work or on vacation. After all, the "Collide" gets its name from the connection between a street scooter and the properties of an off-road e-scooter. The IO HAWK "Collide" will be available from November 5, 2022 and can now be pre-ordered for only €1.099 instead of €1.199 at iohawk-europe.com. The suggested retail price of the IO HAWK "Collide" with indicator set from Kellermann is only €1.299 instead of €1.399. Photo credit: IO HAWK 

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