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In today's society, e-scooters have become an integral part of micro-mobility in large cities. They are often a good one for one or the other replacement for buses and taxis. Unfortunately, many drivers do not know how and where the e-scooters can be driven at all and what is the penalty in the event of an infringement Fines (€) can be imposed. Basically they are just permitted on cycle paths, cycle lanes and cycle lanes. However, if these are missing, it is allowedto swerve onto the road. Therefore, the bicycle traffic light also applies to e-scooters. If this is missing, however, the traffic lights of flowing traffic apply.

No e-scooters on sidewalks!

E-scooters are against the direction of travel in areas of sidewalks, pedestrian zones and one-way streets, without additional signage, verboten. Anyone who drives on the sidewalk, for example, must expect a fine of 15 euros. In the event of damage to property, the fine is even 30 euros. E-scooters can be parked on the side of the road, on sidewalks or in pedestrian zones if their use has been approved. However, it is also important to ensure that pedestrians and wheelchair users not disabled or endangered .

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Please do not drive in pairs!

E-scooters are allowed only from one person can be used at the same time and may be used outside the bicycle zone not next to each other ride. In the event of damage to property, a fine of up to 30 Euro imposed. In addition, the same alcohol limits apply as for drivers. An administrative offense will be committed if you 0,5 to 1,09 per thousand drives if you do not show any alcohol-related abnormalities. Here, however, threaten as a rule 500 euros fine, a month-long driving ban and two Points in Flensburg. And it is criminal offense, if the driver is driving with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 1,1 per mil.

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In the case of alcohol-related abnormalities, however, this can also be done from 0,3 per mille determine. Important: For young drivers under 21 years and novice drivers on probation is the blood alcohol concentration 0,0 per mille. As with cars and bicycles, smartphones are not allowed when driving e-scooters. If the electronic devices are used anyway, a fine of €100 and from a point in Flensburg to be run out. If there is a hazard, there is even a fine of €150, two points and a one-month driving ban.

No driver's license, but liability insurance with sticker!

The e-scooters can be used from an age of 14 years, even without a driver's license. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but we still recommend it. It should be noted that when purchasing an e-scooter, you also have to buy one Liability insurance must increase, which is proven by an insurance sticker on the scooter. If the badge is missing, a fine of 40 € threatens. Liability insurance is used to pay for third-party damage. In some cases this will also include a voluntary partial casco insurance offered, which would also insure theft of the scooter.

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Also, every e-scooter needs one approval. If this is not available, may not in public traffic be driven. A violation will result in a fine of 70 € raised. If you cause an accident, there are also serious financial consequences, which you have to pay for with your private assets. By the way: If you intentionally dispose of a rental scooter with its lithium-ion battery in the botany or in a canal, you are committing a criminal offense and also harming the environment. Lithium-ion batteries may only be disposed of under strict regulations in Germany.

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