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iScooter E9 Pro: The flexible city car with street approval!

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The iScooter E9 Pro is a new gem among e-scooters and, in our opinion, has everything you need for urban mobility. His biggest plus point? He has the General operating license (ABE, eKFV) of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, which gives him legal for use on public roads might. Equipped with a License plate holder on the rear wheel, it meets all the requirements for a stress-free journey through the city. But let's start with the heart of the matter: The E9 Pro achieves this thanks to its 350 watt motors a maximum speed of 20 km/h and handles inclines up to 15%. And this worked without any problems in the test, even with a person weighing 83 kg. The powerful engine combined with the considerable range 25-30 km per load thanks 36V/7,5AH battery, makes it a speedy companion for longer city trips or quick errands.

iScooter E9 Pro – save €20 with the code “tuning”.

And in our opinion, security is not neglected with the E9 Pro. Because that Double braking system, consisting of one drum brake and an electronic one (eABS), ensures reliable deceleration, even on significant slopes, as we found in our area. And what is particularly noteworthy is this Brake disc on the rear wheel and the eABS on the front wheel, which in combination ensure more stability and safety. Also is one Engine shutdown when braking implemented. Furthermore, the design of the E9 Pro is not only functional, but also visually cool. The quick folding system in three steps also enables uncomplicated storage and transport in any car. The scooter consists of Aluminium and is thanks IP54 certification also suitable for driving in the rain.

colored LCD screen

iScooter E9 Pro – save €20 with the code “tuning”.

iScooter E9 Pro: The flexible city car with street approval!

And another highlight is the integrated LCD screen, which displays all important information such as speed and of course the battery level. In our test, however, there was a phenomenon 1-2 times where the remaining capacity was shown on the display under load and uphill decreases sharply, but then increases again on the straight or downhill. That was a bit confusing! However, it wasn't confusing MiniRobot app, which allows you to lock or unlock the scooter via Bluetooth and personalize various settings. Also cool: ensure a safe journey at night LED headlights front and rear (rear with brake light). The features guarantee that you can travel safely even after dark.

an excellent overall package

iScooter E9 Pro – save €20 with the code “tuning”.

In summary, the iScooter E9 Pro an excellent overall package for urban commuters. With its mix of performance, safety and comfort, it has everything you could expect from a modern e-scooter. There is also one Free Shipping and twelve month guarantee. Both details round off the offer Promotional price in the amount from EUR 325,99. So if you're looking for a reliable, street-legal e-scooter, you should consider the E9 Pro.

technical details about the iScooter E9 Pro:

Speed Max. 20 km / h
Reach max. 25-30 km
Performance 350w
speed modes 2 (Eco-10 km/h, Drive-20 km/h)
Cruise control Ja
charging time 3 - 4h
battery capacity 36V 7.5Ah 270Wh
water conservation IP54 waterproof, can be used in puddles and rain
should be used.
suspension No
wheel type Honeycomb tires (puncture-free)
Wheel Size 21,6 cm (8 inches)
Power Type fore
front brake electronic brake EBAS
Brakes behind disc brake
throttle thumb
Brake control lever
Handlebar grips non-slip rubber
Weight approx. 13 kg
foldable ja
Dimensions (folded) 1110 * 430 * 490 mm
Dimensions (open) 1110 * 430 * 1145mm
Packaging 1100*160*530mm
Foldable handlebar No
Adjustable stem No
Maximum load on the driver 120 kg.
Recommended age 14 ~ 65

headlights LED
Taillight LED
reflectors Ja
Klingel Ja
Fenders integrated
Advertising Multifunction LED
App MiniRobot app
further information
Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC / ABE
package contents 1 * Electric Scooter
1 * EU charging cable
1 * manual
1 * Tool Bag

iScooter e-scooter with street approval (ABE, eKFV)

iScooter E9 Pro – save €20 with the code “tuning”.

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iScooter E9 Pro: The flexible city car with street approval!

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