Actor Hannes Jaenicke checks eROCKIT: "Most fun beyond motorcycling"

Hannes Jaenicke checks EROCKIT 2

Pure enthusiasm from Hannes Jaenicke. The actor and environmental activist took the opportunity at the e4 Testival to eROCKIT to test with a long drive over the Hockenheimring. At around 100 km/h he “cycled” over the famous Grand Prix circuit with the e-motorcycle, which was registered as a light motorcycle. Jaenicke enthusiastically stated: "You think it's all made up. But this is really something new!” The eROCKIT convinces with its performance values, agility, dynamics, design and safety and combines e-bike, bicycle and electric motorcycle in one. You control the speed of this two-wheeler via a highly innovative, intelligent pedal drive. Hannes Jaenicke sums it up quite simply and says: "It's the most fun I can imagine beyond motorcycling."

Jaenicke checks eROCKIT

The 62-year-old has been committed to environmental and climate protection for many years. New mobility concepts such as eROCKIT are of great importance to him. Jaenicke: "Every first grader knows that we have a climate problem, that CO₂ emissions should go down. He does the opposite, he rises. And that is the answer.”

The new eROCKIT One model will be launched next spring. The vehicle is a top product of German engineering. Developed and manufactured in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. The company is currently offering a special investment opportunity with the eROCKIT share. Virtually anyone can become a startup investor. eROCKIT AG already has well over 200 shareholders. These included business giants and celebrities such as soccer professional Max Kruse, media entrepreneur Aaron Troschke or the medium-sized investment company Berlin-Brandenburg.


About the eROCKIT

The eROCKIT is an extraordinary vehicle (light motorcycle / L3e / 125ccm category) in the global booming market for electromobility, which differs fundamentally from other vehicles thanks to its innovative pedal drive. The eROCKIT is intuitive to use like a bicycle, but has the acceleration of a motorcycle. It is made of high-quality materials such as carbon and aluminum and has an award-winning design. To drive, you need the corresponding class A, A1 or A2 driver's license, the old car driver's license (class 3), issued before April 1.4.1980, 196, or according to the new driver's license regulations, the class B car driver's license with code number XNUMX. Photo credit:

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