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3-in-1 e-scooter at a bargain price: The innovative Lirpe R1 (Pro Max)!

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3-in-1 e-scooter at a bargain price: The innovative Lirpe R1 (Pro Max)!

In the fast-paced world of e-mobility, a new prodigy has entered the market: The Lip R1 (Pro Max). The freshly launched e-scooter not only has a tempting introductory price, but also transforms into one mobile power station and can also via Solar Loading. That sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Let's take a look at the part. There had been rumors and speculation about it for weeks chirp R1 and its premium model, the Lirpe R1 Pro Max. And finally, in a crowdfunding campaign, the hustle and bustle has stopped Kickstarter, culminates. There is good news for all early bird supporters: You can order the multifunctional miracle at a significant discount. For only 324 EUR - That's a whopping 30% cheaper than the planned recommended retail price (RRP) of 499 US Dollars - supporters can strike.

Lip R1 (Pro Max)

The technical data of Lip R1 (Pro Max) read impressive. First of all, as an e-scooter, it offers a decent range: 35 km for the basic version and up to 45 km for the Pro Max edition. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The real trick is that 374 Wh battery, which you can easily remove and put in a Inverters for Home can use. This turns the e-scooter into a mobile power station, the devices up to 300W AC such as smartphones and laptops effortlessly charges. But that's not all. There is one for all sun-seekers 100W solar panel in a complete package that recharges the battery in good weather and thus provides additional kilometers.

Legally usable? Probably not!

So tempting Lip R1 (Pro Max) also sounds, German customers should be careful. Currently there is no indication that there is a version that the corresponds to German road traffic regulations and the top speed of 25 km/h throttled to 20 km/h. So if you don't just want to be on private property, you should keep this point in mind. The Lip R1 (Pro Max) nevertheless presents itself as an innovation in the field of e-scooters. With the 3 in 1 function, the price and the technical refinements, it could win many fans. It remains exciting to see whether the model will prevail on the market.

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3-in-1 e-scooter at a bargain price: The innovative Lirpe R1 (Pro Max)!

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3-in-1 e-scooter at a bargain price: The innovative Lirpe R1 (Pro Max)!
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