For folding: the 2024 VAKOLE VT4 e-bike in 20 inches

The VAKOLE e-bike in 20 inches is a foldable electric bike for men and women, with a strong 48V 20Ah removable battery and a 250W engine Is provided. In our opinion, it is suitable for both the common ones Trekking adventure as well as for daily trips in the city. With the VAKOLE e-bike you can easily master different types of terrain and really benefit from one good range and also enjoys all the advantages of a well thought-out design. Because the time when batteries stuck ugly to the frame is over. The battery on the VT4 is wonderful integrated into the frame, which we really like.

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Drive and performance: At the heart of the e-bike is a 250W rear wheel hub motor with a decent torque 50 Nm. This enables a very decent driving experience and can even handle inclines of up to 20° with ease. This is more than enough, especially in the city. And thanks to one EU approval So is driving on public roads without restrictions is possible. Battery and range: The 48V 20Ah battery (corresponding to a capacity of 468Wh) supplies the electric motor with energy and a full charge gives you an impressive range of 80 to 110 km.

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We didn't quite manage to do that in our test, well over 70 km in the mountains, but it was an absolute success top value. This means that longer tours can be started relaxed and worry-free. Rear derailleur and gears: The VAKOLE e-bike comes with a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur equipped, which always has the right gear ratio for a wide range of terrain. This means you can flexibly choose between different speed levels, which is particularly advantageous on climbs or long descents. LCD screen: The clearly visible one LCD ensures easy-to-read information even in direct sunlight. Details like this can be found here Speed, battery Level and covered track read off.

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Tires and optics: The 20×3,0 inch fat tires are wider than normal city tires, which provides more grip and driving stability on uneven roads. At the same time, the VAKOLE is practical foldable, which means it can be easily transported in the trunk - ideal for camping trips or spontaneous adventures. Our video above shows that it is in one 5 series BMW Fits without any problems and can even be loaded by just one person due to its relatively low weight. In summary, the VAKOLE e-bike is a good mix for us Comfort, performance and Mobility. A really versatile companion for everyone who values ​​quality, design and functionality.

technical details about the VAKOLE VT4 e-bike: Shopping cart icon

  • Brand: VAKOLE
  • Model: VT4
  • Display: LCD
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Drums: 13Ah (468Wh), removable
  • Battery voltage: 36V
  • Charger: 42V / 2A
  • Charger plug type: EU plug
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Engine performance: 250w
  • torque: 50 Nm
  • Speed ​​levels: five
  • Circuit: Shimano Tourney 7 speed
  • Driving modes:
    1. Purely electric mode
    2. Classic mode (without power)
    3. pedal assist mode
  • Tire: 20 × 3,0 in
  • Brake: Mechanical disc brakes
  • shocks: Lockable front fork suspension
  • Climbing ability: 15-25 °
  • maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Range in pure electric mode: 50–65km
  • Range in support mode: 60–75km
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Maximum load on the luggage rack: 25 kg
  • Suitable driver height: 160–210 cm
  • Fender: Front and back
  • Water resistance: IP54
  • Net weight bike: 25,7 kg
  • Weight battery: 3,5 kg
  • Gross weight: 29,7 kg
  • Product size: 170 x 60 x 102 cm
  • Folding size: 87 x 44 x 72 cm
  • Size:
    • Overall length: 168 cm
    • Wheelbase: 120 cm
    • Reach: 55 cm
    • Standing height: 55 cm
    • Rear luggage rack height: 60 cm
    • Minimum. Seat height: 79 cm
    • Max. seat height: 110 cm
    • Minimum. Handlebar height: 110 cm
    • Max. handlebar height: 132 cm

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