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Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

Eric de Seynes - President and CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe - today announces the company's entry into the world of electric personal mobility. “Mobility has developed continuously. Our cities and infrastructures have been adapted to this over and over again. However, one thing has not changed over the decades: the universal desire and need for individual mobility and the associated feeling of freedom.” Yamaha focuses on creative and innovative solutions for its customers. In the Switch ON campaign premiere, Yamaha reveals details of the planned electric models and how they will be developed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in an ever-changing world.

Two new Yamaha electric scooters!

Yamaha plans to launch the brand new NEO in the coming weeks. The high-quality, elegant and easy-to-handle "50 cm³ equivalent" was already presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019 as the prototype "E02". This will be followed by Yamaha's first electric scooter with 125cc combustion engine performance, as another showcase of the manufacturer's latest solutions and techniques. A model name for this has not yet been determined. A proof of concept project is being planned for the two-wheeler derived from the "E01" prototype, which Yamaha intends to carry out together with a rental scooter provider in a major European city.

30 years of experience with electric bicycle drives

Yamaha has an extensive and successful track record as an electric vehicle developer. This goes back to the first "Power Assist System" (PAS) from the early 1990s - the basis of the world's first mass-produced electric bicycle. Since then, Yamaha has been at the forefront of developing lightweight, compact electric bike drives. Around 7 million of these were produced in three decades.

In recent years, the demand for electric bikes has grown exponentially. In Europe alone, more than 2021 million units were sold in 5 - many of them with Yamaha drive technology. In view of this, the company has decided to expand its production capacities and now also to build electric drives in Europe. Yamaha continues to unreservedly develop pioneering drivetrain systems for numerous bicycle manufacturers. In addition, however, Yamaha is launching three new, in-house e-bikes for the "All Mountain", "Gravel" and "Urban" segments. Detailed information will follow in the summer. The first new Yamaha electric bikes will be distributed through Yamaha's Powered Two Wheeler network before the end of 2022. The goal is to offer the e-bikes nationwide at all European sales partners in 2023.

The moped is back!

Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

But that's not all. In order to highlight the cross-class potential in electrically powered urban mobility, Yamaha is presenting the B01, a newly developed hybrid prototype that intelligently combines the functionality of an e-bike S-Pedelec and the performance of a moped for urban terrain. The B01 currently exists as a concept model. However, Yamaha Motor Europe and its long-term partners Fantic Motor and Motori Minarelli will continue to develop the B01 into a production-ready model that will enable Yamaha to expand its electric mobility offering even further. Eric de Seynes concluded with an optimistic statement: “Yamaha is looking forward to further expanding its individual mobility offering and opening a whole new chapter in the company's history. With world-class technical know-how and professional sales partners behind them, the introduction of these new electrical products and associated services will inspire a new generation of customers.”

Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

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Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

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Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

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Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!

Yamaha Motor relies on electromobility!
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