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Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

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Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

[Display] Jackery's Pro product family is growing strongly: With a storage capacity of 3000 watt hours, the Explorer 3024 Pro is the most powerful power station from the Californian expert in portable, environmentally friendly power supply solutions. But that's not all: As the first power station from Jackery the new model can be controlled via app and thus offers users access to all relevant data at any time. Whether as a standalone power station or as a solar generator with foldable solar modules - the new power pack will be available from April 20, 2023 and can be pre-ordered today at

Jackety Explorer 3000 Pro

“As the latest model, the Explorer 3000 Pro is not only our most powerful power station to date, but also the first with App Control. In this way, users always have an overview of all relevant data via smartphone. Furthermore, the focus was on a good balance between performance, weight and mobility, so that the power station is around 30% lighter than devices with a comparable capacity," says Ricky Ma, Head of EMEA.

Easy to connect, safe and mobile

Like all products in the Pro family, the 3000 Pro as a solar generator offers easy and above all mobile access to clean energy at all times and is therefore not only suitable as a powerful companion when camping or on the boat, but also at home in the garden or as a reliable emergency power supply for individuals devices in the event of a power failure. The power station is equipped with eight connections on the front: three Schuko sockets (230 volts), two USB-A (Quick Charge 3.0, 18 W), two USB-C (100 W) and a 12 volt socket. With a capacity of 3,024 kWh, a continuous output of 3000 watts and a peak output of up to 6000 watts, there is enough power to supply powerful consumers such as power tools, air conditioning systems or refrigerators.

Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

The power station works reliably even in cold environments down to -20 degrees Celsius. And thanks to the silent mode, it is particularly quiet at just 30 dB. The Explorer 3000 Pro offers several ways to charge its batteries. Jackery supplies the device with a high-quality power cable for direct connection to sockets, with which the power station can be fully recharged in less than two hours.

Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

A charging cable is also included, which provides new energy via the 12-volt connection of a vehicle. As the solar generator 3000 Pro, the device comes in a set with one, two or more mobile SolarSaga 200, the highly efficient solar modules from the house of Jackery. In this way, the power pack not only receives new energy without emissions and in a particularly environmentally friendly manner, but is also fully self-sufficient. If the sun is favorable, the battery is completely recharged in just three to four hours in combination with six 200 watt Jackery solar panels.

with the Jackery app for smartphones

The new Jackery app for smartphones provides a wide range of information, including the current charging status, the energy supply and output, and the active connections. Explorer 3000 Pro owners can also adjust settings such as loading speed and how long the LCD screen is activated. The app can also be used to update the power station's firmware to improve efficiency and add new functions and features. Last but not least, the app includes a digital user manual.

Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

Despite the enormous capacity, the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro proves to be mobile in trolley format with two wheels and an aluminum pull-out handle. Measuring 47,3 x 35,9 x 37,3 cm and weighing 29 kg, it is around 30% lighter and smaller than products with a comparable capacity.

Price and availability

The Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro can be pre-ordered from April 17th, 2023 at a price of €3.299 on The official market launch will follow on April 20, 2023. There are also bundles available as a 3000 Pro 400 W solar generator including two SolarSaga 200 solar panels for €4.499 or with four SolarSaga 200 for €5.699. Jackery grants a 5-year guarantee on both products. In addition, all customers who pre-order the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro or Solargenerator 3000 Pro via the Jackery webshop between April 17th and 19th will receive a €100 Decathlon voucher for free. Photo credit: Jackery

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Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

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Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro - more power, lighter & app mode!

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