Ultenic AC1 – a cordless vacuum cleaner with mopping function!

Ultenic AC1 – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Header Washing Function


 We tried a vacuum cleaner again. This time it's the manufacturer Ultenicwho gave us the brand new 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner AC1 with an integrated mop. The device is intended to ensure particularly thorough cleaning, regardless of whether it is a detached house or (as in our case) an editorial board (office). To the Ultenic AC1 we have been able to form a comprehensive opinion in the last few days. Of the Ultenic AC1 is - As already mentioned - on 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner, which, in addition to vacuuming up dust and dirt, also does the same wischen can. This makes it possible to clean a wide variety of types of surfaces particularly effectively down to the pores. It is suitable as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner for wooden floors, tiles, marble and other hard floors, but can also be used on classic carpets and carpets none Application.

Ultenic AC1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

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With its functions, the device replaces both the conventional broom/dustpan and the mop bucket with rag or various mops. Whatever cleaning stuff is in the corner, the AC1 lets you forget it. The device is equipped with an intelligent Two-tank system equipped, that clean and dirty water separated from each other. So you always have a cleaned and ready to use device available. This is made possible by an automated self-cleaning process that starts after the work process. At the end of the cleaning begins Ultenic AC1 Self-cleaning of the brush and allows dust and dirt to disappear from the tank. In addition, a faster and also automated drying process initiated. After each use, however, you should empty the dirty tank to avoid odors. All you have to do is rinse the filter with clean water out and dry it. A fitting one Replacement HEPA Filter is included in the scope of delivery and can easily be replaced.

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Also should be regular by hand the brush roller can be removed and cleaned. If it is used up, the supplied one can Replacement Brush of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be easily exchanged. And thanks to an integrated Sensors the AC1 is even able to recognize the amount of dirt and the cleaning intensity adjust automatically. The suction power and the adjustable cleaning mode leave nothing to be desired (smart, max, deep cleaning, floor drying). is installed in Ultenic AC1 a battery with tight 4.000 mAhthat up to 45 minutes of battery life makes possible and all this is even linked to a detection for voice commands coupled. Furthermore, it is even possible to use the vacuum cleaner by App to remote control. Incidentally, the AC1 is already available and can be purchased at Kaufland (see buy button above) can be purchased.

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