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Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

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Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

We at tuningblog usually deal with cars and everything that has to do with tuning. This time, however, we decided to take a look at a household item that has the same precision and technology normally found in the Tuning world finds: the Ultenic MC1 robot vacuum cleaner. He was described by us as Rated “very good”.! Why? You can read about it as follows. The powerhouse can be called the “High-performance robots“ can be considered among the suckers. Let's start with the technical data "under the hood“. The MC1, a state-of-the-art vacuum robot in an elegant design Dark Grey, impresses with its compact size of 35,4 x 35,4 x 9,85 cm and a weight of 14,5 kilograms.

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In our opinion, it has an extremely high-quality suction station 3 liter capacity and works with a voltage of 14,4 volts. The MC1 was surprisingly quiet in our test 62 dB.

Particularly noteworthy is the impressive running time of up to 3 hours, which makes it a reliable and efficient helper in everyday household life and also in our editorial offices. Although the latter only consists of a 30 square meter office for two people as well as a separate kitchen and a toilet, many “excursions” to the rest of the house showed that the MC1 “always” cleaned all rooms without any problems on one battery charge. The massive one 5000 Pa suction power The MC1 reminded us of the power and efficiency that we know from sophisticated engines. Just like autotuning, the MC1 is about the balance between performance and efficiency. The one used in MC1 LiDAR technology for obstacle avoidance could come straight from the high-tech area of ​​automotive racing, as it allows the robot to navigate with the precision of a well-tuned vehicle.

Buy now – €640 instead of €799,99!
Code -5%: MC1THOMAS
Voucher: -120 €
Offer valid until December 10th

Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

For car enthusiasts who value the technical details, these are double rotating mop the MC1 is a dream. With a rotation speed of 180 U / min They deliver really good cleaning performance that you would otherwise only expect from a perfectly adjusted engine like a C63 AMG or M4 Competition. In our test, the MC1 was the first robot to reliably remove even dried ketchup stains. No one else has managed this yet. The 4L + 4L water tank allows the MC1 to cover an area of ​​up to 400 square meters to clean - almost like wiping an entire garage by hand. However, in our “test area” he only had to mop around 25 square meters, which of course was completed without any problems. Hats off, we really liked that.

Mop cleaning and hot air drying

Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

The automatic mop cleaning and hot air drying in the “dock” of the MC1 reminds us of the automated systems in modern vehicle wash systems that guarantee efficiency and cleanliness. And the self-draining function? Well, it's like having a personal assistant in the garage to take care of the cleanup. Another highlight is the free APP, which really controls and monitors ALL functions down to the smallest detail (If desired, even via Siri or Alexa). In fact there was with the app no problems or crashes. In summary, in our opinion the Ultenic MC1 is not only an excellent vacuum robot, but also an example of how technologies from the world of automobiles can be used in the home in surprising and innovative ways. A must for everyone car enthusiasts, who also values ​​precision and performance at home.

Buy now – €640 instead of €799,99!
Code -5%: MC1THOMAS
Voucher: -120 €
Offer valid until December 10th


What is special about the Ultenic MC1?

  • The Ultenic MC1 is a revolutionary cleaning solution that marks the beginning of a new era of intelligent cleaning. It combines independent functions such as self-cleaning and drying with strong suction power 5000 Pa and an efficient wiping system.

Can the MC1 be controlled via voice commands?

  • Yes, the MC1 supports voice control and is compatible with common systems such as Crab and Alexa. This makes it convenient and easy to use.

How efficient is the MC1's wiping system?

  • The MC1's mop system is highly efficient and rotates 160 revolutions per minute. This ensures thorough cleaning and removal of stains and dirt.

Does the MC1 have advanced sensor technology?

  • Yes, the MC1 uses improved lidar sensors for precise navigation and cleaning. This technology allows the device to efficiently clean all corners of the house.

Is the Ultenic MC1 also suitable for cleaning carpets?

  • The MC1 has a special one Carpet sensor, which enables superior cleaning of. This means it can work on both hard floors and carpets.

How autonomously does the MC1 work?

  • The Ultenic MC1 is a fully autonomous device that uses innovative technologies to ensure comprehensive and autonomous cleaning.

Is the MC1 environmentally friendly?

  • Yes, the MC1 was designed to be environmentally friendly and is EPA compliant. This underlines the manufacturer's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Is the MC1 future-oriented?

  • Due to its advanced features and technologies, the Ultenic MC1 is considered a pioneering device in the field of household cleaning. It combines efficiency, intelligence and environmental friendliness in a compact design.

Buy now – €640 instead of €799,99!
Code -5%: MC1THOMAS
Voucher: -120 €
Offer valid until December 10th

Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

the technical data for the Ultenic MC1 vacuum robot:

  • Brand: Ultenic
  • model number: MC1
  • Color: Dark gray
  • Dimensions: 35,4 35,4 x x 9,85 cm
  • Weight: 14,5 kilograms
  • Capacity (suction station): 3 liter
  • tension: 14,4 Volts
  • volume: 62 dB
  • Runtime: 3 hours
  • suction: 5000Pa
  • cleaning system:
    • Automatic mop cleaning
    • hot air drying
    • Self-draining for up to 2 months
  • wiping function:
    • double rotating mops
    • Rotation speed: 180 U / min
    • Automatically raise mops for carpet cleaning
    • 4L+4L water tank for up to 400 sqm mopping area
  • Navigation and mapping:
    • LiDAR technology for precise obstacle avoidance
    • 3D mapping technology
    • Customizable cleaning for different floor materials and furniture arrangements
  • steering:
    • App and Voice control
    • Compatible with Alexa and Siri
    • Only supports 2,4G WiFi
  • battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Other specifications:
    • Multi-floor mapping
    • Advanced custom cleaning
    • Automatic dust extraction
    • No-go zone settings
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Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?

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Ultenic MC1: The “high-performance tuner” among vacuum robots?
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