Mobile energy cell - the 2021 Living Vehicle Trailer!

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After the big one Living Vehicle 2020 is now the new model year as 2021 Living Vehicle Trailer at the beginning. And here Living Vehicle has made strong “optimization” in some cases, particularly on the electrical system. Because the output is now so strong that even an electric car can be charged with it. For example, if you have a tractor unit Tesla Model X, then this can be charged directly via the power connection. The 2021 Living Vehicle as a "PRO model" is manufactured in cooperation with "Volta Power Systems" and has up to 3.080 watts of solar power and a maximum of 47.600 watt hours (Wh) of energy storage. According to Volta, the lithium-ion system is currently the most powerful that is available for a caravan. It enables electric vehicles to be charged at speeds of up to 44 miles (approx. 71 km) per hour of charging with up to 240 volts of power. However, the trailer also has a major disadvantage. And the stately total weight.

No Stromer currently pulls a maximum of 8,1 tonnes

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It takes more than that mentioned Model X by the basic weight of 5,2 tons or the permissible total weight of 7,25 tons (the fully equipped PRO model even weighs 8,1 tons) to be able to move at all. Eventually the Tesla Cybertruck will manage that in a "Performance version". Currently, its limit has already been reached at 6,3 tons. So it needs a RAM 3500 & Co. But it has nothing to do with an electric drive. But if you have an electric vehicle with you as an escort vehicle, then setting up the 2021 Living Vehicle makes sense. In any case, the trailer is an attractive trailer for those who are looking for adventure outside the power grid without sacrificing comfort. It automatically adjusts the level, is designed for all four seasons and even has a 2 meter terrace that can be folded out. On this one can endure and think about spending at least 229.995 US dollars.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Mobile energy cell - the 2021 Living Vehicle Trailer!

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