Immediately: further investigation of the mobile home necessary!

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Anyone who owns a mobile home or caravan has to go to the main inspection (HU) every two years, which until recently also included one gas check included. This has become since April 1st changed. Now the vehicles have to undergo a separate gas test independent of the HU is carried out. How long the intervals between the regular checks are is not yet clear at this point in time. However, a gas test is still recommended every two years. Camper owners can no longer have everything checked in one check-up. However, the separate gas test also has the advantage that the overall costs are likely to be reduced because it can be offered by more specialist workshops.

Attention: Expired badge endangers the insurance cover!

Although the proof of the gas test for mobile homes is no longer obligatory according to the TÜV association to pass the main inspection (HU), it is for your own safety. According to the TÜV, the hoses of liquid gas systems in mobile homes or boats represent the greatest danger. Over time, the material becomes brittle and cracked due to kinks in the hose or exposure to the sun. Another risk comes from leaks, because the escaping gas can make you unconscious, is highly flammable and explosive at the same time. In addition, it must be noted that many German and international campsites require the Gas Test Badges to show Otherwise you will not get access to the campsite.

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A defective gas system can also to void your car insurance coverage to lead. If you cannot present a passed gas test in the event of an accident, then this can be considered by the insurance company as a careless be rated. As a result, comprehensive insurance can be refused, while customers could be subject to recourse in the case of liability insurance.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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