Practical: 2020 Yoho camper for the pickup bed!

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Yoho Camper Shell 2020 Pickup 16

Scout Campers is expanding its repertoire with another drop-in camping shell model for pickups. Presented after the beginning of June Olympic camper now comes the model Yoho for medium-sized pickup. This is a high-quality all-inclusive camping option for four seasons with little weight. And the Yoho is said to be the lightest camper van with solid walls in this class. The basic model of the Yoho weighs only 414 kilograms, making vehicles such as the VW Amarok, the Ford Ranger or the Toyota Tacoma suitable for transportation. The construction of the Yoho is a combination of wood with a sturdy aluminum exoskeleton frame, various composite materials and large glass windows. Scout Campers sees the Yoho as a particularly minimalist camping structure that can still accommodate a large amount of equipment. With a height of 75 inches (almost. 2 m) most can stand upright in it and like the Olympic siblings, the Yoho also has a number of solar panels on the roof.

Yoho Camper Shell for the pickup

Yoho Camper Shell 2020 Pickup 13

They feed a portable Yeti 1000 lithium battery and there is also a portable 4,9-gallon water tank with built-in filtering. In the cabin there is an L-shaped seating area with a table that can be converted into a double bed and there are various cupboards, a skylight and a robust floor. If you use the sleeping area in the front of the vehicle (double cabin), four people can even sleep in the vehicle. And so that the camper is equipped for all 4 seasons, optional extras such as a fridge / freezer or a portable toilet and a two-burner stove can also be ordered. In winter, a 4,5-BTU fireplace keeps the Yoho warm and outside, a 270-degree awning provides shade if desired. Scout Campers' yoho starts at $ 19.240.

Yoho Camper Shell 2020 Pickup 12

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Yoho Camper Shell for the pickup bed!

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