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Implementing their own wishes and ideas is the reason for many camping fans to convert a mobile home themselves. When you convert it yourself, it doesn't matter whether a bus, transporter, van or truck is used as the basis and whether the vehicle is new or already used. But if you want a permit for the mobile home you have developed yourself, you have to observe certain requirements and the associated costs. In order to be classified as a mobile home, the converted vehicle must have a minimum of permanently installed equipment. There with the remodeling the operating license of the vehicle expires, an inspection body or technical service must issue a individual acceptance execute. An exception is a living facility that is completely removable, as by Quqq, Camperiz, Irmscher etc. This usually does not invalidate the operating license of the original vehicle.

Individual acceptance of the expanded mobile home!

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The licensing authority issues a new one approval as a "other motor vehicle", the so-called "So.Kfz" and manufactures the Registration certificate part I and II on. The individual acceptance is carried out by a test center (TÜV, Dekra) or a technical service (GTÜ, KÜS). The evaluation criteria depend on the respective testing institute, which is why a clarifying discussion in advance is recommended in order to avoid mistakes.

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The expert opinion is carried out after the completion of the self-conversion by an officially recognized expert who belongs to the test center or to the technical service. The acceptance takes place according to § 19 (2) i. in conjunction with § 21 StVZO. In addition to the equipment, the curb weight of the new mobile home also plays a role. If there is no truck scale at the test center itself, weighing can also be carried out at a landfill or scrap yard for a fee. The curb weight includes the weight of the vehicle with a full tank and one person. In addition to the individual report, a main inspection (HU) necessary.

Required documents for the registration authority

After the individual acceptance has been carried out, the local registration office issues the registration papers for the mobile home. For this purpose, the following documents must be carried:

  • Report according to § 19.2 (in conjunction with §21) StVZO
  • Identity card or alternatively passport
  • Insurance confirmation by eVB number or double card
  • License-plates
  • Registration certificate parts I and II of the original vehicle
  • Valid main inspection (HU)
  • Bank

Minimum equipment for motorhome registration

The converted vehicle must have the minimum equipment for approval as a camper van. If this is not fulfilled, for example due to a partial conversion, the original vehicle type is retained, provided that the original purpose of use continues to exist and the operating license does not expire.

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place to sleep and sit

A place to sleep is an important part of traveling and just as elementary for approval. A bed must therefore be installed after the vehicle has been converted into a camper. This must be firmly screwed, but can be folded away. A lounger or a mattress on the floor is not enough. There is also an obligation that built-in seating is available according to the number of sleeping places. If a combination of seating and sleeping space is installed, it must be possible to convert it in a few simple steps and without the use of tools, otherwise there may be problems with the test. Registered seats in the living area must also have windows there.

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In contrast to sleeping and seating areas, tables do not have to be permanently installed, but at least one table must be available in the mobile home. It doesn't matter whether it's a folding or extending table. If the table is not permanently installed, it must be secured while driving so that it does not become a source of danger in the event of an accident.

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Storage space

A mobile home must have storage space. The basic requirement is that everything is secured while driving so that no objects are thrown around in the event of an accident. This is often achieved with built-in cabinets that can be locked.

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The various testing institutions have their own regulations for hotplates. Dekra and TÜV Rheinland only accept permanently installed hobs that are approved for indoor use. However, these can have a retractable device so that they are only pulled out of the interior when in use. TÜV Nord, on the other hand, also accepts single-flame gas cartridge cookers, provided they are stable and stowed away safely. The cartridge must be replaceable in the assembled state. TÜV Süd, on the other hand, also approves alcohol stoves that are screwed on with indoor use. In general, it applies to all test centers that the surrounding areas of the cooking area must be protected from heat.

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This results in the following alternatives for a cooking area:

  • electric, permanently mounted cooking plate with fuse protection
  • Gas stove with gas bottle: Special regulations for gas installation and testing must be observed (G 607 test).
  • Spirit stove with indoor approval and leak protection
  • Gas cartridge cooker with ignition safety device and cartridge replacement in built-in condition

Further information on expansion

In addition to the minimum equipment, there are other points that are relevant for approval:

  • Since 2012, mobile homes no longer have to have headroom.
  • There should be no sharp edges throughout the motorhome, but especially in the living area.
  • If the mobile home is equipped with a 220-volt power supply, the system is subject to a test in accordance with VDE specifications.
  • Some test centers insist on fresh and waste water tanks. Simple canisters are sufficient for this.
  • Disposing of gray water in nature is strictly forbidden, which is why a water installation simplifies the drainage.
  • There must be two independent emergency exits in the living area, which are also on different sides of the vehicle.

Cost overview

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Costs are incurred not only for the actual conversion of a vehicle into a mobile home, but also for the tests and the actual approval. The costs amount to around 300 €, which are distributed as follows:

  • For the expert opinion according to § 19.2 (in conjunction with § 21) StVZO or the individual acceptance, costs between 30 and 100 € are to be expected.
  • A general inspection costs €130 on average.
  • A gas test will charge around €35.
  • License plates cost up to €40.
  • Around €30 is charged for processing by the vehicle registration office.

Is a mobile home registration worth it?

By converting the vehicle into a mobile home, the type of vehicle under the above-mentioned conditions changes, which means that the operating permit and insurance cover expire. The tax payable differs between a vehicle such as a truck or van and an RV. Strictly speaking, it is tax evasion if the home-built motorhome is not properly registered. The annual taxes for a truck are lower than for motorhomes, since the latter are calculated based on the emission class in combination with the total weight.

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Depending on the emission class determined, a tax rate of at least €10 per 200 kilograms must be paid. However, there is a vehicle tax ceiling of €800 per year for mobile homes. In comparison, a flat rate of around €192 per year has to be paid for a classic car with an H license plate. On the other hand, there is an advantage with insurance policies such as liability insurance, as these are cheaper than for a truck or car. Registering a car is also more expensive for tax purposes. In addition, it is only possible to take out comprehensive insurance with burglary protection if the mobile home has been registered correctly.

Where should you go - what sights are there?

Of course, it is difficult to name concrete goals and due to the different tastes it is almost impossible. The fact is, however, that an optimally equipped mobile home is the basis for a holiday with a camper. It doesn't have to be luxurious, but the essentials should be on board so that the tour does not become an ordeal. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, for example to visit the largest city in Georgia, Tifilis, then you should consider that it can get cold quickly in the mountains. So a 4 season camper would be appropriate. So have fun on your next vacation!

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