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Info: Is camping on the roadside actually allowed?

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Camper Motorhome Parking Roadside Motorway Parking Lot 2 e1619080059628 Info: Is camping on the roadside actually allowed?

The big question that is at stake here can be asked with a motorhome Roadside camping? Everyone who owns a motorhome loves and enjoys the freedom that comes with it. And with such a mobile vehicle, you can actually stand anywhere, right? During the Corona pandemic the longing to travel and to leave spontaneously is greater than ever! Yes, is it allowed? That's the big question! The camping industry has been booming for many years and the pandemic has reinforced the trend even more: A vacation in your own four walls on wheels offers the necessary protection against infections and you are mobile, spontaneous and flexible at the same time. But now comes the bad news: Campsites currently have can not be open for day visitors. If you are traveling with your mobile home, you have to find another parking space for the night.

What is still allowed at all?

Is it allowed to stand at every corner / green area / parking area with your camper? Unfortunately, it's that simple can not be . Illegal camping in Germany results in a high fine. We are talking about at least 200 Euros. And who in one Landscape protection area illegally parks, must with 1.500 Euros Expect a fine, in the nature reserve you even have to 2.500 Euros Plan for a penalty. However, this does not mean everyone who only stops for a moment. Because hold does not automatically mean "camp“Because otherwise a mobile home should never be parked in a parking lot. Everyone needs a break once and truck drivers have to strictly adhere to these breaks. This is just a small comparison.

Camper Motorhome Parking Roadside Motorway Nature Reserve Penalty Info: Is roadside camping actually allowed?

Truck stops and rest stops

The motorhome driver is often overcome by it all of a sudden, he gets tired and just can't anymore. On the autobahn you can then switch to rest stops, but it won't be easy there either because the parking spaces are divided into parking spaces for cars and trucks. RVs, with less than 3,5 tons, and the as Others Cars are registered are not authorized to park in these places. Fortunately, there is a suitable place every now and then. This is most likely to be found on Truck stops, as these offer camper sites with disposal options. But you should be careful when spending the night at such a rest stop. Find a place that is well lit, because thieves have long been targeting mobile homes and unfortunately there have already been raids.

Where can the motorhome generally park?

Anyone who is traveling by car knows and quickly recognizes where they are allowed to stop and park and where not. It is clear, however, that not everyone always sticks to it.

motorhome parking lot parking penalty camping 1 Info: Is camping on the roadside actually allowed?

This is more complicated for motorhomes:

  • If it is a parking space for cars, then it is for larger camper vans that are approved as other vehicles or trucks, verboten. It doesn't matter how much the weight is.
  • Of course, the parking ban only applies if a Additional sign for campers clearly excludes the parking space for motorhomes
  • Even if parking is generally permitted, there could be problems with the delimitation strips of the parking bays. Because this line could become a problem. If the motorhome does not fit into the gap, it can be there not standing.
  • Be careful when parking on sidewalks! In this case there is an exception, this applies to vehicles up to 2,8 tons. Almost all motorhomes, however, weigh more. This can easily be looked up in the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I).
  • Furthermore, it is not permitted to close manhole or manhole covers or other closures To block!
  • If you drive a particularly large and heavy motorhome (over 7,5 tons), you are allowed to drive within built-up areas, residential areas and recreational areas between 22 p.m. and 6 a.m. and also on Sundays and public holidays never parkunless it is approved.

But please note, the rules only apply this country. When traveling abroad you should always before departure familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations. And abroad you are by no means more accommodating, in Croatia and Greece, for example, motorhomes are not allowed to be parked on the street, only on them designated parking spaces.

It is forbidden to stay overnight in public parking lots

Short parking is possible, but it gets tricky when you all night want to spend on a pitch. Because staying overnight and camping with a vehicle or camper is in Germany Prohibited in public parking lots. And the campsites are currently closed. As a rule, however, you can use apps and offers on the net to find open and suitable parking spaces. For example with the ADAC parking guide. This is available as an app or in classic book form. Then there is that Homecamperabout which one Private parking spaces can rent. On you will find a large collection of parking spaces for all of Europe.

Motorhome parking lot parking penalty camping at night Info: Is camping on the roadside actually allowed?

Restore fitness to drive

The StVO provides for an exception: In the extreme Emergency may be spent in the camper on a parking lot. An illegally parked vehicle with sleeping occupants is actually less bad than drivers, whose concentration on a busy motorway continues to decrease and you slowly but surely become a danger to yourself and other drivers. But it's about restore driving abilitywithout stretching the whole thing. Legislators want overtired drivers to regain their strength and this is after a maximum of ten hours break the case.

Who the ride due to fatigue cannot safely continue, may officially one night spend in his mobile in the parking lot. But it doesn't mean that you obviously make yourself comfortable, put out the folding chairs, extend the awning and then also start grilling sausages. The regulation is not intended for this and if you are then checked, you should not be surprised if the fine is imposed.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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