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Almost every beginner camping enthusiast makes these 7 mistakes!

Pop top roof Ford Nugget Plus 2020 Camping These 7 mistakes almost every camping beginner makes!

Camping holidays with your own mobile home have been trendy since Corona at the latest. Independence and flexibility make the motorhome an ideal holiday companion and at the same time you avoid the crowd in the hotel. Instead of having to rely on a hotel or flight booking, vacationers can drive their motorhome when and where they want. This form of travel is also financially advantageous and suitable for the entire family. Without much prior knowledge or effort, the motorhome holiday can begin at any time. Camping beginners in particular are inclined to let their caution slip. These 7 common mistakes made by novice campers should be avoided at all costs.

Mistake 1: renting the wrong motorhome

Steeldrop Camping Adventures Trailer Tuning 1 These 7 mistakes almost every camping beginner makes!

Camping is a vacation in a small space, but you don't have to live like in a sardine can. Mom, Dad, the kids, the dog and maybe even the cat? If the motorhome is too small, it won't be long before the first big argument. And even while driving. As a rule of thumb, there should always be one more seat than passengers. If there are four of you traveling, a fifth person should also be able to sit comfortably at the table. It is best to rent a mobile home with 2 floors. Your children can play and sleep upstairs, while you can rest downstairs. RVs with a fold-down bed (where the mattress disappears) are also a good option. If you want to be mobile and flexible, less mobile home is often more.

Error 2: The water tank is full

Filling the motorhome water tank These 7 mistakes are made by almost every beginner in camping!

The fresh water tank of the mobile home has a large capacity. Depending on the model, it is between 100 and 200 liters. Camping beginners occasionally make the mistake of filling it up completely at the beginning of the trip. This is not necessary, because 10 liters per day and per person is sufficient. The tank can be completely filled as soon as the motorhome has reached the campsite. The problem with a full water tank is that the motorhome is loaded with the additional weight of 100 to 200 kilograms. This weight must also be moved. This increases fuel consumption. In addition, this weight can lead to the total weight of the motorhome being exceeded. The same goes for the waste water tank. When filled, it also increases the weight of the vehicle.

Error 3: The motorhome is loaded incorrectly

Motorhomes Camper Ueberalden These 7 mistakes almost every camping beginner makes!

The maximum allowed load and the Load securing are important topics on a camping holiday with a motorhome. Every vehicle has a permissible total weight. This total weight is entered in the vehicle registration document and can be looked up there. The total weight must not be exceeded. This means that the curb weight of the motorhome is deducted from the total weight. The difference shows how much weight can be on board. Vehicles with a registration after 2014 are often given an empty weight range. The weight not only includes the stowed luggage, but also the filling of the tanks, fuel, passengers and any special equipment. Bicycles and kayaks plus their mounts are also not included. Therefore, the luggage should best be chosen to save weight.

Only things that are really needed should come along. Instead of ceramic dishes, it is also advisable to use a lighter variant such as plastic or, at best, cardboard for this period. As for packing, heavy items are evenly distributed on the lower level while the lighter ones are on top. All luggage should be stowed in boxes and storage compartments so that no small parts fly through the motorhome during the journey. Otherwise, they pose a risk of injury to passengers. Before starting your journey, it is advisable to check that heavy objects are properly secured.

Mistake 4: walking through the motorhome while driving

running in a motorhome accident These 7 mistakes are made by almost every camping beginner!

In a normal car it is not possible to get up and walk around while driving. The extra space in the motorhome is tempting. Prepare something to eat quickly. Free yourself from unnecessary tension with a little movement. Unfortunately, this can end badly in the event of an emergency stop or an accident. This is also the case in motorhomes Seat belt compulsory. This legal regulation serves to protect the inmates. Instead of walking through the motorhome while driving, regular and sufficient breaks should be planned. During this, the driver and fellow passengers can stretch their legs and take a break from eating or cooking. A child seat is also required for children in the motorhome.

Mistake 5: delaying sanitation

Motorhome water tank These 7 mistakes are made by almost every beginner in camping!

Of course, sanitation is an annoying issue for every camper. Because who likes to dispose of the partly smelly gray and black water? It is therefore not surprising that wastewater disposal is often delayed as much as possible. But sooner or later the behavior will surely take revenge. At the latest when you suddenly see the smelly soot in the curve appear inside the motorhome. The possibility of the liquid sloshing back is ubiquitous with many campers. If that is the case, then anger and disgust are great. Therefore you should dispose of the gray and black water at every opportunity. And don't forget: After the professional Disposal, the tanks must of course be locked again.

Error 6: The temperature is underestimated

RV parking lot sun These 7 mistakes are made by almost every camping beginner!

A beautiful, sunny place is attractive to the beginner camping. Even if the sunny pitch is tempting, it can be exhausting in the long run. If the motorhome is unprotected in the sun all day, it will heat up extremely. This makes it particularly uncomfortable to be in the mobile home during the day and the next one can also be a disaster. It is better to pay attention to the position of the sun when choosing a parking space. If possible, choose a partly sunny and partly shady spot. The same goes for cooler temperatures. Even if it is pleasantly warm during the day, it can get cold at night. It is therefore worth packing an additional sleeping bag.

Error 7: Motorhome is compared to the car

RV high limit These 7 mistakes are made by almost every beginner in camping!

Camping beginners often underestimate how different a motorhome is. A motorhome, even a smaller model, has different braking and driving behavior than your own car. It is worth doing a test drive beforehand to get a feel for the vehicle. This test drive is best carried out when the vehicle is loaded. When planning a route, the special features of the motorhome must not be ignored. Restrictions on the load-bearing capacity of various bridges or the headroom of some underpasses have already significantly lengthened some unplanned travel routes. Accordingly, more time must be planned for the trip. Incidentally, regular breaks and a change of driver are also helpful in a motorhome.

Caddy California Camping 7 These 7 mistakes are made by almost every camping beginner!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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