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Winter Camping Tips Pitches 6 Camping in winter is something special our tips!

Most people think of summer vacation when they think of camping. However, if the conditions are right, the campsite can also in the winter be a unique experience. First the winter sports, such as skiing, ice skating, tobogganing or simply a winter walk and then warming up in the caravan or mobile home. You step through the door and it's cozy. In the hotel, on the other hand, long distances often have to be accepted. The following text gives five good tips to ensure that camping in winter is a success. With this advice, you can have a holiday that is independent of hotels and hostels, even in winter.

Research when the campgrounds are open.

In many countries, including Germany, it is forbidden to camp wild. Many campsites are fully booked in summer, in winter there are fewer travelers with a camper. However, there are some campsites that are closed in winter. Therefore, winter camping is not possible everywhere. If a campsite is open in winter, the operators are usually familiar with the special requirements of winter camping. So there is a suitable contact person on site. It is best to check whether there are campsites along the route or at the destination and which of them are open. If you want to be sure, reserve a parking space on the campsite in advance. Especially in popular ski areas, the campsites can be fully booked even in winter.

Important for winter camping, a heater!

Nobody wants to freeze while camping, especially in winter. the heating should therefore be serviced regularly. A so-called blower Heating manages to quickly heat up the interior. Especially in winter it is important that there is enough gas for heating. It is perfect if a propane gas bottle is connected and a reserve bottle is available. Ideally, both bottles are connected so that changing the bottles automatically happens without having to be changed by hand, possibly at night and at sub-zero temperatures. There are replenishments at many campsites, in hardware stores and in specialist camping shops. However, the gas system must be serviced regularly. Every two years a gas test is due. On many campsites, the inspection document is mandatory if a pitch is to be booked. If you like to go camping in winter, you should look for one in the long run winter-proof camper look around, it is better insulated and does not cool down so quickly.

Gas heating Camping Winter e1642083651442 Camping in winter is something special our tips!

Pay attention to safe driving!

In the mobile home or caravan and the towing vehicle, there should always be a Road safety check be performed. winter tires are a matter of course and snow chains are mandatory in many regions. If you are going to a region with a lot of snow, you should check the traffic situation regularly. It may be that the route planning has to be changed at short notice. Alpine passes are often closed in winter, for example. Where there is snow and mountains, there may therefore be restrictions. It already applies in summer, but is even more important in winter:

  • Do not drive too fast and always pay attention. Such large vehicles as a motor home have a longer braking distance than a normal passenger car. It is a good idea to have a Driving safety training not only with the car, but also with the trailer or the mobile home.

Brake system Camping Winter Camping in winter is something special our tips!

Don't leave ice and snow on the roof!

Especially before driving, the roof must free from ice and snow whether it is a mobile home or a caravan. If ice and snow remains on the roof, it can move while driving and endanger the following vehicle or your own vehicle. Even if the camper stays in one place for a long time, it is beneficial to remove ice and snow from the roof. Especially when ice forms, the weight on the roof increases rapidly. Removing the load from the roof helps keep the camper in good shape for a long time. Attention: In this work, do not forget your own safety. The roof is probably smooth and so is the ladder. You need the right shoes and good gloves. A fall from a ladder or roof can cause serious injury.

Camping winter snow roof ice Camping in winter is something special our tips!

Protect water and pipes from sub-zero temperatures!

If a mobile home is only used in the warm season, it will often overwinter in a barn or something similar. Before the camper goes into hibernation, the water supplies, including the pipes be emptied, to protect everything from the frost. If the camper is used in winter, then the water is of course needed for everyday life. Nevertheless, care must be taken to ensure that the water supplies including the pipes do not freeze. If the water in the camper freezes, not only can the water no longer be used, it can also damage the camper. This damage occurs because frozen water, i.e. ice, has more volume than water. Since it is usually not below zero in the camper, the water tanks are safe and do not freeze. The lines could be different. Especially when it's below -15 degrees outside, this problem has to be considered. There are accessories that warm the lines and thus prevent the line from freezing. Of course, there are also workshops that install such protective devices.

Camping winter water tank heated lines e1642083884810 Camping in winter is something special our tips!

A special vacation – camping in winter!

Perfect for lovers of winter sports. An excellent idea for those looking for a special winter holiday. Winter camping is a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time. Provided, of course, that the heating is running, there is enough gas and the pipes are protected from freezing. Taking the precautions is simple and important. If you like camping, you should definitely try winter camping. The memories will be unforgettable.

Winter Camping Tips Pitches e1606719493943 Camping in winter is something special our tips!

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