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In order to start their well-deserved vacation, many Germans particularly like to opt for the mobile home. Because they not only benefit from more flexibility, but also a lot of variety. You feel at home in the mobile home and practically always have everything you need with you. From the comfortable bed to your own small kitchen to your luggage. The mobile home is therefore a popular means of transport and travel. If you don't have your own mobile home, renting one is an interesting option. But before When you embark on your next adventure, you should ask yourself whether you can special driver's license required, or whether the existing one from Germany is sufficient? Some special regulations apply abroad, which everyone should know before renting. Because if the driver's license is not sufficient to drive, there are high risks penalties.

Which driver's license?

Coach driver's license truck motorcycle

Whether the local driver's license is sufficient or not depends on the type of vehicle in the mobile home. That has to be a crucial factor permissible total weight (zGG) to be viewed as. The following applies to German or European driving licenses:

  • With an ordinary driver's license class B are you allowed to drive motor vehicles up to maximum 3,5 tons GVW . go
  • Exceed If you have a maximum weight of 3,5 tons, you will also need the Class C1.
  • Ab 7,5 tons GVW will the driver's license be the Class C required.

Therefore: Always inquire about the permissible total weight in Germany and in the countries you are planning to rent before renting the mobile home.

What applies to older driver's licenses?

If you still have an old driver's license, you have an advantage with regard to the driver's license for higher perm. Although the "old rag" has now been exchanged for a credit card driver's license, the old regulations still apply.

  • Driving license class 3: vehicles until 7,5 GVW.
  • Driving license class 2: vehicles leads over 7,5 GVW.

Driver's license for larger vehicles can be found in the table:

Driver's licensemax. 3,5 tonsmax. 7,5 tonsabout 7,5 tons
class B
Class C1
Class C
Class 3
Class 2

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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