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Folding trailer for campers - EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

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Camping folding trailer EasyCaravanning TakeOff 4 folding trailers for campers EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

Who it at Camping site practical - according to the motto the abstell, unfold and Camp - he should get the Take off from the Dutch company Easy caravanning look at. The small trailer can be towed by almost any vehicle and has a maximum 750 kg admissible Total weight. A current Mini, a VW Polo or even a small Fiat 500 is already suitable for towing. And so that the little tractor does not start to roll, the trailer is equipped with one low profile less sensitive to cross winds than a large caravan. And the TakeOff has one landing gear from manufacturer Al-Ko and also one Overrun brake is built in. It is simply opened on site and the video below shows how it all works. And if you want, you can even use the TakeOff with a suitable one awning expand. Thus arise maximum of four beds. However, the simple principle also has its price. The outside walls are not that massive like a typical caravan or mobile home. The TakeOff is even reminiscent of a tent.

Side walls can be darkened variably

Camping folding trailer EasyCaravanning TakeOff 5 folding trailers for campers EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

But at least you can see the side panels variable darkening and also Ventilation openings are built in. Optionally, you can even have a heating order and the roof is massiv. And inside? A table is built into the interior that can be set up in the middle and also a small one Kitchen with kitchen sink and cooking is in. You can even Remove and draußen put up. But the highlights in the camper are those two long benches in the direction of travel that become one Convert the bed let and with the dimensions 160 x 205 centimeters enough space for Two people offer to sleep. Space for one cooling box and more Utils is in the drawers under the Benches present and only one Shower or a WC has the trailer can not be . Although one can Emergency toilet take it with you and stow it in one of the drawers public toilet but is more recommendable here. Tobe offered three different versions in the form of Active, sport and the model Xcite. Let's go with that active for 13.665 euros and the most expensive variant costs just under 20.000 euros.

cb no thumbnail Folding trailer for campers EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

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Folding trailer - EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

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RaceChip Chiptuning folding trailer for campers EasyCaravanning TakeOff!

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