EcoFlow launches modular power supply solutions for mobile homes and island solutions

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EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, today launched the EcoFlow Power Kits for RVs and off-grid solutions. Easy to set up, the EcoFlow Power Kits simplify the demanding installation process of existing custom power solutions. They allow users to make their own settings with compact and intelligent modules that best meet their power needs.

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"The EcoFlow Power Kits were developed to make creating customized power solutions easier than ever before," said Thomas Chan, Head of Research and Development at EcoFlow. "EcoFlow wants to offer energy solutions that are tailored to the needs of the user, whether it's an RV, an off-grid home or a workshop retrofit."

Modular and expandable

The EcoFlow Power Kits consist of two basic modules – the EcoFlow Power Hub, which acts as a central hub for all inputs and outputs, and EcoFlow's 2K/5KWh LFP batteries. Depending on actual power needs, the EcoFlow Power Hub can be connected to up to three LFP batteries, which together provide a base capacity of 2 kWh, expandable to 15 kWh. This allows users to power an RV for 18 hours and an off-grid home for 11 to 14 hours without using any other power source. Furthermore, the EcoFlow Power Kits can be bundled with three types of solar panels, including the 100W Rigid/Flexible Solar Panel and the 400W Rigid Solar Panel.

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By pairing the EcoFlow Power Kits with the solar panels, customers can achieve a maximum solar output of 4800W, which can fully charge a 15kWh capacity in around 3 hours, thus enjoying a sustainable off-grid lifestyle. For even more control, the EcoFlow Power Kits can be expanded with the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, which can connect up to six AC circuits in the home/RV and 12 DC circuits, 6 of which can be controlled via the EcoFlow Power Kit Console or the App can be controlled.

Simple decor

Most modular energy solutions with dozens of modules can be installed in 10 to 15 hours by an experienced user. In comparison, the EcoFlow Power Kits contain up to 4 panels (excluding solar panels) and cables, making the installation process three times faster than the industry average[ while reducing the risk of incorrect wiring.

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Fast charging via different ways

EcoFlow Power Kits can be charged using six different power sources: solar cells, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, alternators, shore power, the public grid and conventional generators. With various charging methods and the ability to fully charge a 15kWh capacity with an input power of 6000W in 2,5 hours, the EcoFlow Power Kits free users from the fear of low battery when traveling with their RV or live off the grid.

Advanced 48V system

The EcoFlow Power Kits use a unique 48V system compared to traditional 12V systems. This allows the EcoFlow Power Kits to improve the user's experience on multiple levels, including safety, energy efficiency, versatility and ease of use.

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  • security and energy efficiency

For the same power output, the 48 volt system uses only a quarter of the electric current through the cords compared to traditional 12 volt systems, resulting in a sixteenth power loss and thinner, more convenient cords.

  • versatility

With the 48 volt system, the EcoFlow Power Hub can reach a maximum output of 3600W to run powerful appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters and hair dryers.

  • Ease of use

The EcoFlow Power Hub can easily replace 12 volt systems as it is equipped with a DC-DC module available to those who already have a power system installed in their motorhomes.

Integrated and compact

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The EcoFlow Power Hub is the industry's first five-in-one centralized power system that combines two solar chargers with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), a DC-DC battery charger with MPPT, an inverter and charger, and two DC-DC step-down transformers includes. With fewer components, the EcoFlow Power Hub makes it easy for users to scale up or down their own EcoFlow Power Kits. Furthermore, the EcoFlow LFP batteries are designed to be stackable. To save space, users can stack up to three LFP batteries on top of each other.

Choose your own kit

The EcoFlow Power Kits are available in three different packages to best meet users' needs. Starting with the Get Set Kit, users can meet their basic power needs with the EcoFlow Power Hub and LFP batteries. The Premium Kit takes this a step further, adding the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel to the mix, giving the user control over their power consumption at the circuit level. Finally, for the best user experience and greatest energy demand, the Ultimate Kit offers all of the above modules plus the Power Kit Console and EcoFlow Smart Generator.

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Each of the three kits comes with five bundles of different capacities from 2kWh to 15kWh, making a total of 15 bundles. Customers can also select the package that best suits their power needs using the EcoFlow Power Calculator, which will be available on EcoFlow's website from July 5th.

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