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Eos 12 Off Road Camping Trailer Boreas Campers 8

From the provider Boreas Campers there is a new trailer by name Eos-12. And it is unmistakable for use in the outback designed. Because it is designed in such a way that it can master unpaved roads, which makes it an all-round companion for self-sufficient excursions. The formerly as XT-12 designated camper has a powder coated finish steel chassis, there are rough ones off-road tires and an independent Cruisemaster suspension with double dampers, which allows a ground clearance of approx. 50 cm. It also dispenses with the use of wood, eliminating the possibility of rot over the years. The dimensions are with a length of about 6 meters, a width of 2,16 meters and a height of up to 2,32 meters (with the roof extended upwards) still relatively compact. He also only weighs 1,68 tons and is therefore not particularly heavy considering the format and structure and can be towed by any pickup or SUV.

Eos-12 off-road camping trailer

The trailer is intended for individuals or small families who are looking for an adventure off the beaten track but don't want to do without the comfort of a shower. By the way, all the details are on the website of Boreas Camper (CLICK) to read. There it says, for example, that the camper is up to 1,83 meters high inside, and if that roof unfolded was added another 15 cm. There is also sleeping and eating facilities for up to five people (one child) and one Queen size bed and a foldable one Doppelbett. Also is that small Bathroom perfectly designed and sized adequately. The Boreas Eos-12 off-road camper trailer starts at $74.990 and is expected to hit customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

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