Living Vehicle 2020 - luxury caravan from the USA

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Living Vehicle 2020 luxury caravan 4

In search of interesting caravans, we came across the Living Vehicle 2020 by the architect Mathew Hofmann. An XXL caravan in the typical Ami style and with loads of surprises on board. The "Living Vehicle" with aluminum body looks quite spacey. It is reminiscent of the classic Caravan Airstream, but comes without the rounded edges. And as a highlight, he has also donated a fold-out terrace. Inside there is everything that is good and expensive and so you can enjoy modern bright furniture, lots of high-tech and a floor plan that is different from the classic caravan floor plan. There is a high-quality separate spa-style bathroom between living and sleeping areas with spacious laundry and toilet, and a sink and generous rainfall shower.

Living Vehicle 2020 - luxury caravan

Living Vehicle 2020 luxury caravan 6

In the bow presents itself a spacious bedroom, which comes either with a queen size bed or a sofa bed. In addition a large wardrobe, a washing machine with drying function and thus no cold feet arise is the entire floor heatable. Rear there is a living room-flair with a Rundsitzgruppe and above it is a large fold-down bed. Not to be missed of course is a fully equipped kitchen with large sink and gas stove and a dishwasher and a microwave are installed. In any case, the visual highlight in the kitchen is the freestanding kitchen unit with worktop that many people in their kitchen wish for at home. And the same applies to the huge fridge with freezer unit. Many other compartments, drawers and shelves and even a pharmacist's cupboard lacks nothing.

2020 Living Vehicle as a fully fledged home

Living Vehicle 2020 luxury caravan 1

And as already mentioned, there is the terrace. It is located opposite the kitchen, accessed through a patio glass door and can be opened. The door also has a big part in making it so bright inside and the Living Vehicle 2020 looks so friendly. Countless options such as an 42 inch Samsung 4K Smart HDTV, WIFI Internet or a sound system with surround sound function make the 2020 Living Vehicle a fully fledged home. And the whole caravan can even supply itself with electricity because it has an independent small electric power plant with Volta Power Systems as the centerpiece on board. It uses automotive grade lithium technology and has the highest energy density on the market. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Living Vehicle 2020 - luxury caravan from the USA

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