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Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

A mobile home or Caravan, often referred to as a camper, is the epitome of a dream vacation for many. But because of the size, the question arises after the trip: Where can you actually park the vehicle? Of course, parking on your own property or with permission on another private property is allowed at any time. But what about public roads? The large boxes often cause displeasure among residents, primarily in areas with limited parking space. However, in most cases parking is total legally, as long as the vehicle authorized and insured is. Otherwise, for example if it is unmarked or expired Seasonal license plates turned off, problems can arise.

Parking motorhomes & caravans

Parking in narrow spaces is also not allowed. There must always be sufficient space for the passage of vehicles with the greatest possible width (2,55 meters plus a safety distance of at least 0,5 metres). Here you can Campers & RVs to Rent and caravans, which are usually wider than normal cars, cause difficulties. You should also be careful when parking across from driveways. In order to enable residents to drive in and out without any problems, a minimum of 3,5 meters space opposite.

Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

Basically allowed Campers & RVs to Rent with its own drive and park on public roads up to a permissible total weight of 7,5 tons as long as there are no corresponding traffic signs (e.g. no stopping or “parking only allowed for cars”) prohibit this. There is no specific time limit here either. The same rules apply as for normal cars. However, the owner must check his vehicle regularly, for example in the case of temporary parking restrictions, in order to avoid expensive towing actions. And this also applies to towed caravans.

Parked caravan: in residential areas a maximum of two weeks

For disconnected Caravan however, other rules apply. In residential areas they are allowed a maximum two weeks be parked in the same parking lot. And anyone who thinks they can simply claim that they drove away in the meantime is wrong: the traffic control staff document, among other things, the position of the tire valves. If the caravan was actually moved a few meters further after the two weeks had elapsed, then at least there shouldn't be any problems with the traffic wardens. However, this method does not protect against angry neighbors looking for a parking space.

Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

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Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

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Parking motorhomes & caravans: What is allowed?

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