Sleeping on the car roof? Our information about roof tents!

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At first glance, it may sound unusual to many to camp on the car roof! But this can bring many advantages. Campers are in roof tents (pitched roof tents) protected from uneven, hard floors and mud. But the question arises whether every tent fits every car? What should be considered on the first trip? Anyone who wants to mount a roof tent on their car roof should pay attention to how high the maximum roof load is. According to the ADAC, with a weight of ten to 15 kilograms for the roof crossbar, i.e. the basic framework. If the total roof load of the car roof is around 75 kilograms, the car may only be loaded with a maximum of another 60 kilograms. This also includes the people camping in it.

Check in advance whether the installation conditions are met!

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A roof tent can basically be mounted on any vehicle, as long as the roof load allows it. the roof load one Cars is usually between 50 and 100 kilograms. You can read about it on various websites or in the car manufacturer's operating instructions. With some car models it may be necessary that a roof rails (this is a strut that runs the entire length of the roof) must be installed or at least one screw point for roof crossbars. The tents are usually attached with four clamps. Who knows about a roof rack for a roof box can usually also be used for the roof tent without any problems.

Hard shell or folding roof tent? An important purchase decision!

If the car is suitable for attachment, the following question inevitably arises: a folding roof tent or rather a tent with you hard shell. Hard-shell models resemble a large roof box. They are more aerodynamic, more weather resistant and set up in a few seconds. The folding roof tents, on the other hand, often offer more interior height, more lying space and are usually much smaller when they are folded up. Therefore, a smaller area of ​​the roof is required. In addition, most of them are also significantly cheaper.

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Positive test results from roof tents!

The ADAC has currently tested seven models without a hard shell and praised all of them. Six models received the grade "good", with the model "Thule Tepui Autana' was even awarded the grade 'very good'. The following aspects were evaluated: the construction and dismantling, the weather resistance, the processing, the pollution and the camping comfort. The result: For sufficient quality, it is not necessarily the case that you have to buy the most expensive model.

Nevertheless, you should of course plan more money than for normal tents. All models that were tested were between 2.000 and 3.000 euros. The testers also gave the following tip: When buying, you should get good advice and before you buy, first of all, a model borrow and test. In addition, it should be ensured that at least three or four people can help with the assembly, since some roof tents are quite heavy in terms of weight.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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