Liontron motorhome team charges E-Smart Cabrio autonomously!

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Liontron Motorhome Team E Smart Cabrio Self-sufficient charging 3

A gas-free motorhome not only supplies its electronic consumers with electricity, but also the E-Smart convertible that is carried with it! At the Caravan Salon 2021 in Düsseldorf from August 27 to September 5, LIONTRON® will be showing a motorhome that independently supplies the Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio on a trailer with charging power. The fully electric Smart is charged either while driving via the alternator of the camper or when stationary via the solar system. The quality manufacturer of lithium batteries is presenting the technical innovation for the first time in the outdoor area in front of Hall 11.

Liontron motorhome team

Liontron Motorhome Team E Smart Cabrio Self-sufficient charging 4

In addition to the factory alternator, the charging infrastructure of the commercially available semi-integrated camper has two charging boosters with 30 amps each, two LIONTRON® LiFePO4 batteries with a total of 400 ampere hours and an inverter that supplies the Smart with a constant charging power of up to 4000 watts. When standing on the pitch or camping site, shade-resistant solar panels with a total output of 1100 Wp supply the team with solar energy. The realistic output of the installed solar modules is usually between 700 and 800 watts - enough energy to recharge the discharged lithium-ion battery with 17,6 kWh, which is located in the Smart, in around 4,5 hours. Of course, the Smart can also be charged on the pitch using shore power, but the trend is increasingly towards self-sufficient overnight stays without shore power connection.

Self-sufficient and fully flexible: enjoy electromobility and caravans

If the battery in the Smart is not completely empty, the charging time is significantly reduced. As soon as he has left the trailer, he can turn small errands and excursions into a completely self-sufficient experience thanks to the open top with the wind in his hair. The vehicle combination becomes the ultimate all-round package with the certainty of not looking for public charging stations or other power supplies at the destination and of not having to expect any costs for charging. Of course, e-bikes, electric scooters and the like can also be charged via the SchuKo plug.

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The Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio has a weight of 1126 kg and stands on an ultra-light universal trailer made of aluminum from SCHULTES Metallverarbeitung (, which weighs only 250 kg. With a total of 1376 kg, the Smart and trailer remain well below the gross vehicle weight of 1500 kg for the trailer load that applies to many motorhomes. The special feature: There are still 124 kg left that are available for additional luggage, for example e-bikes or e-scooters. This means that more can be loaded in the motorhome because loads are shifted to the trailer.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. Yes, I already have the idea. but you can often not park your support vehicle directly at the motorhome on the campsites and virtually on all parking spaces, but only on specially designated parking spaces. Then there is nothing to do with charging from your own solar power.

  2. This is total rubbish. Anyone who is even a little familiar with electrical engineering will recognize that the solar panels cannot charge the car in 4 hours. This post borders hard on attempting a scam

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