Touch-up pen: When the car has been hit!

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The QUIXX paint repair Pin seals minor damage in no time! Not only is human skin exposed to greater stress in winter: Car paint also becomes brittle and thus more susceptible to damage - such as stone chips from grit. This not only looks ugly, but can quickly lead to rust if the damage goes down to the bare metal. This is especially true now in the "salty" and wet season. Luckily, you don't have to go to the workshop immediately for every minor damage. Because with the paint repair pen (€12,95) from QUIXX, every driver always has their own little "painter" with them. The innovative do-it-yourself product - now in the environmentally friendly cardboard packaging - works with real clear lacquer, so that minor damage is perfectly sealed in just a few minutes.

the paint repair pen

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The QUIXX paint repair pen is ready to use almost immediately once the damage has happened. Simply shake briefly, press several times on a piece of paper or cardboard with the felt pump head to suck up enough paint - and off you go! The special pen tip enables precise work, whereby the clear coat blends harmoniously with the vehicle's original paint. After a very short drying time - around 30 minutes - the damaged area is perfectly sealed and protected from the weather. And that works with all colors, regardless of whether they are solid, glossy or metallic. For thicker layers, the process can be repeated until the level is equalized. In the video tutorial, the process is shown again in detail.

The following note is essential: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusively to be carried out in a specialist workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot assume any liability for the content. All information is therefore "without guarantee".

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This may save you from tedious troubleshooting and you may even be able to do small things yourself. The same applies, of course, to the installation of accessories/tuning parts. Here, too, we would like to help with the implementation with instructions and tips. There are many other posts on this as well. Below is an excerpt of the last and HERE there are all previous instructions.

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