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Windshield wiper service position: steps for different models!

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Changing windshield wipers can be a challenge if the wiper arms are not positioned correctly and are hidden under the hood. Then the wiper arm(s) cannot be lifted and replacing the rubbers is not possible. Many vehicles have a special one for this Integrated service positionto be able to fold up the wiper arms completely. As a rule, the approach is stored in the vehicle's operating manual, but this is not always at hand and is often the case, especially with used vehicles disappeared. So the following are simple instructions for some common car models!

Windshield wiper service position

Windshield wiper service position: steps for different models!

  • VW Golf (models 5, 6, 7): Switch the ignition on and switch it off again. Then briefly press the wiper lever down once (hold for approx. 7-2 seconds on newer models such as the Golf 3). The wiper arms move into the Service position.
  • VW Passat: Similar to a Golf, ignition on and off again. Then press the wiper lever down briefly (a little longer on newer models). The wiper arms go into the Maintenance position.
  • BMW X3 F25 and similar models: Ignition on, then off and push the wiper lever up or down for several seconds. Important: Before switching on the ignition, fold the wipers back up as there is no safety switch-off.
  • Mercedes E-Class and similar models: Position the wiper arms vertically. Set the windshield wiper on the combination switch to the position for Constant wiping and as soon as the wiper arms are vertical, switch off the ignition.
  • Ford C-Max Mk2 & Grand C-Max: Switch off the ignition and move the wiper lever to position A within three seconds. Release the lever when the wipers are in the Maintenance position are located.
  • Skoda Karoq, Octavia and similar models: Switch off the ignition and briefly press the wiper lever down.
  • Opel Corsa: Switch off the ignition, do not remove the ignition key and do not open the driver's door. Within 4 seconds, press the wiper lever down and release it as soon as the wipers are vertical.

More options and vehicles!

Windshield wiper service position: steps for different models!

Sometimes there are also vehicles that allow you to simply turn on the windshield wipers after deactivating the ignition with the hand to bring it into the desired position. If there are no instructions or concrete description available, this method is certainly worth a try. Just try the windshield wipers towards the center of the windshield to pull. If the resistance feels too high, then turn it on not by force try to move the windshield wipers into position. Sometimes it can work too to open the hood and so be able to change the wiper blades. If that doesn't work either, we recommend going to an authorized dealer or at least a specialist workshop.

Windshield wiper service position: other vehicles!

  • Renault models: With the ignition on or the engine running, press the control lever twice Raise to position A (single wipe). The wipers then stop in the middle of the windshield. To return them to the lower position, move the lever to position A after folding the wipers onto the windshield.
  • Audi models: Similar to VW, switch the ignition on briefly and then switch it off again, followed by briefly pressing the windshield wiper selector lever down once.
  • Peugeot models: Operate the wiper lever immediately after switching off the ignition. Any actuation of the windshield wiper switch within one minute of turning off the ignition will cause the windshield wipers to move vertically. To return the windshield wipers to their original position, turn on the ignition and operate the windshield wiper switch.
  • Toyota activation: Usually by turning off the ignition when the windshield wipers are in motion. Manual method: Some models allow the wiper arms to be raised manually to the service position.
  • Honda activation: Switch off the ignition, then move the wiper lever to the desired position.
  • Nissan activation: Similar to Toyota, by turning off the ignition while wiping.
  • Hyundai activation: Often caused by a combination of turning off the ignition and operating the wiper lever.
  • Kia activation: Generally similar to Hyundai as both brands are technically related.
  • Mazda activation: Some models require the ignition to be turned off while the wipers are in motion. On some models, the wiper arms can be manually moved to the service position.
  • Subaru activation: Usually via a specific lever or button operation.
  • Volvo activation: Often through a key combination or via the vehicle menu.
  • Mitsubishi activation: Can vary, sometimes by turning off the ignition at the right moment.

These steps will allow you to Windshield wiper easily into the service position to make replacing the wiper blades easier. Note that on most models the hood must be closed to correctly activate the service position. Below you will find relevant tutorials on the topic.

Windshield wiper service position: steps for different models!

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