Perfect control of chassis with damping force adjustment!

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By using aftermarket suspension with adjustable damping force, workshops can respond individually to customer requirements. The BILSTEIN Academy explains the different options using the B16 and EVO T1 coilovers. With their help, it can be determined for each customer exactly whether the pendulum should swing further in the direction of sportiness or comfort. The experts also describe how driving behavior changes if the car is made harder or softer all around or just on one axle. This information is also of interest if only a conventional sports or coilover suspension or other springs are to be used.

Potential of BILSTEIN coilovers

The coilovers BILSTEIN B16 and EVO T1 allow a proverbial "approach" to the perfect compromise between driving experience and driving comfort. Adjustments can be made to the associated shock absorbers quickly and without tools. the damping force adjustment takes place when installed by turning the adjusting wheel on the shock absorber. Ten clearly tactile clicks provide clear haptic feedback. By adjusting the rebound and compression stages in parallel, a perfect adjustment of the driving behavior to individual needs is achieved.

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And this is how the technology works: BILSTEIN implements the basic identification of the coilovers through precisely defined valve passages and resistances in the damper piston. The damping force is adjusted by a bypass connected in parallel. This regulates an additional oil flow. This makes the identifier "softer" or "harder".

Individual basic setting by the workshop

Immediately after installation, the workshop carries out the basic setting according to the customer's wishes. The sporty driver may feel most comfortable with five clicks on the front and rear axles, while a noticeably higher level of comfort can be achieved in the fourth level. The final test drive shows whether the set-up meets the respective requirements. The result is still not completely convincing? Then simply turn one click forwards or backwards and check the handling again. The front and rear axles can of course be adjusted independently of each other, giving you even more scope for setup. Basically, however, the BILSTEIN B16 and EVO T1 were tested so intensively in road tests that all settings are safe and easy to drive. Personal taste alone decides here. Photo credit: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH

Rules of thumb for adjusting vibration dampers and springs

  • Dampers/springs harder at the front => Balance is more in the direction of understeer
  • Dampers/springs softer at the front => Balance is more in the direction of oversteer
  • Harder rear dampers/springs => balance is more in the direction of oversteer
  • Softer rear dampers/springs => balance is more in the direction of understeer
  • Dampers/springs softer all around => more rollers (longitudinal axis), more grip
  • Dampers/springs harder all around => fewer rolls (longitudinal axis), less grip

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