The ice scraper is often also a “glass scraper”!

01 QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover Windscreen

QUIXX provides more perspective with real "diamond power"! After an extremely warm and sunny year, winter is finally catching up with us. For many drivers, the ice scraper sits loosely in its holster and is pulled out without hesitation as soon as the first frost appears on the windscreen. The annoying film is quickly put an end to and the view is clear again. But what many do not know: the ice scraper quickly becomes a "glass scraper", even if its material is actually too soft for that. But there are often grains of sand and other "hard dirt" on the pane, which can have a very destructive effect when "rubbing" violently. The resulting scratches are not only annoying, but also cause dangerous glare when there is oncoming traffic at night or when the sun is low in the sky. Luckily, you can easily repair the damage yourself at home with the glass scratch remover from QUIXX. The secret is the Diamond Polishing Technology (DPT).

QUIXX glass scratch remover

For €19,95, the QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover pack contains everything you need to repair windscreens or other glass objects. The QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover is a 2-component system: The high-tech diamond polish removes the scratches and the high-performance diamond finish then polishes the pane to a high gloss. Depending on the area to be processed, the content is sufficient for several applications. The easy-to-understand video tutorial shows how it's done, making the application child's play, even for laypeople.

Roughly speaking, only the following work steps are necessary: ​​Clean the window well, cover the work area all around with adhesive tape. Attach the red polishing strip to the wooden stick provided, apply repair paste and polish with strong pressure. Now clean the glass again, attach the white fleece to the wooden stick and apply the finish from the white syringe. Polish until the glass is free of streaks and micro-scratches. Thoroughly clean everything again at the end – done! Now the disc is diamond clear again.

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