Friday 22nd October 2021

1050PS in LaFerrari from tuner JMB-Optimering

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JMB-Optimering will soon take one of the 499 LaFerrari, with over 1,2 million value and a V-Max of 350km / h. The super sports car should already set standards as a production model and actually you can't tune a LaFerrari anymore, right? But you can. JMB-Optimering at least intends to do it, and not only that.

LaFerrari by JMB Optimering 1 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB Optimering

(Photos: JMB-Optimering)

online shop 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB Optimering

The Swedish company specializes in chip tuning. At the moment the hottest project in the halls of JMB-Optimering is definitely the hybrid runabout LaFerrari. JMB-Optimering currently sees an increase in performance to approx.

LaFerrari by JMB Optimering 2 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB Optimering1050PS as realistic, and only through the intervention in the engine electronics. The LaFerrari comes from the factory already with supernatural 963PS. 800 represents the conventional 6,3 liter V12. The remaining 163PS come from the electric motor of the hybrid.

LaFerrari by JMB Optimering 3 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB OptimeringOur train of thought would be “why not tune that too?”. There are currently no tuners who have pepped up an electric motor accordingly. But what is not, can still become. JMB-Optimering is not only in the field of LaFerrari tuners, Edo Competition also has over 1000PS in its sights and is currently also working on tuning.

LaFerrari by JMB Optimering 4 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB OptimeringRemember that the tuning described "only" relates to the software. Possibly other catalytic converters, camshafts, exhaust systems and much more could make a significant leap again.

LaFerrari by JMB Optimering 5 1050PS in LaFerrari by tuner JMB OptimeringSo far, the "real" tuning specialists for Ferrari, Novitec Rosso and Mansory, have not yet spoken out. But we are sure that something will come from there too.

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