Restomod 1966 Ford Bronco with lift kit!

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Restomod 1966 Ford Bronco lift kit Restomod Tuning 16

It's a tiresome topic that many SUV drivers who sometimes want to drive off-road have to contend with! The talk is of the often only moderate off-road capability of today's crossover models, which often don't even have all-wheel drive, but look like they can climb over hill and dale with ease without damaging the bodywork or getting stuck. But now hardcore off-roaders are coming back into fashion, and you can see it in the new editions of Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco and friends who show the pseudo-off-roaders in SUV dress off-road where the hammer hangs. But you don't actually need a new edition, because there are also classic copies that have been lovingly restauriert and modified were, and thus ensure enthusiasm among off-road fans. Such a Ford Bronco from 1966, which is based in the USA, and as Restomod project was brought to new life, we would like to present it to you today.

Off-roader from the ground up!

This copy is currently at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, and unfortunately we do not know what proceeds the Bronco should achieve, because no desired price was mentioned. The first to fall ground clearance of the colossus, which using a Duff-Tuff lift more than seven centimeters was increased. This was the Body separately raised by five centimeters to give a monstrous impression and become unbeatable off-road.

The project took a full two and a half years to complete, but the effort and expense was worth it, because from our point of view, the result was a great classic that deserved to fetch a high sum at auction. The monster also rolls to 35 inches (0,89 m) off-road tiresthat at large 20 inches alloy wheels with a black finish and silver accents. With the modifications, the 1966 Ford Bronco can be seen at every US car meeting and immediately attracts everyone's attention.

Custom red and black interior!

The off-road beast not only has various new parts landing gear, but also a noble and inviting one Custom interiors, in which the color red dominates. leather covered individual seats front replace the continuous seat of the production Bronco and the original analogue round instruments were replaced by digital advertisements replaced by Dakota. Thus, the automotive modern age found its way into the vehicle. Incidentally, the off-roader also has a JBL sound system with Bluetooth connection, which ensures music enjoyment in the vehicle.

Coyote V8 with five liters of displacement

You could almost say it's the usual suspect taking over the propulsion in the restomod! A Coyote V8 who as Crate engine is available, also does its job in this masterpiece. In plain language, this means that the old Ford has at least 450 PS has and also one Custom exhaust system owns. The power is transmitted via a automatic transmission on all four wheels.

Restomod 1966 Ford Bronco lift kit Restomod Tuning 2

Our verdict on the 1966 Ford Bronco:

Here you can see a real off-roader from the ground up! Many SUV models have to give up even on the smallest gradients and have to be rescued in winter by real and rustic off-road vehicles like this animal! We like that there are off-road enthusiasts who can get excited about restomod projects to create such vehicles. As always, we have attached a picture gallery of the car to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Restomod 1966 Ford Bronco lift kit Restomod Tuning 9

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White 1966 Ford Bronco with lift kit is looking for a new owner!
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