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Classic: BiTurbo-R6 Lotus Carlton from 1991 for sale!

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BiTurbo V8 Lotus Carlton Tuning 16 classics: BiTurbo R6 Lotus Carlton from 1991 for sale!

Photos by Park Lane Limited

Arguably the hottest sedan available on the market in 1991, it was the epitome of one Sleepers and a sports sedan at the same time, when these terms weren't even common. Of the Lotus Carlton, in Germany under the name Lotus omega well-known, embodies a subtle sportiness, paired with unexcited, contemporary elegance that is rarely found in such powerful and sporty cars. The car is hardly represented in the tuning scene, as it is far too rare and valuable to be modified by tuning fans, because that would also entail an immense loss of value. Just how valuable the car actually is can be seen by looking at the price list for the model with vehicle number 28, which is now for sale in Hampshire, England. 119.995 pounds sterling is not a sticky stick for a vehicle built in 1991 with only 4.565 miles (approx. 7.400 km) on the odometer.

A rarity in mass production.

Under no circumstances should you think that this is a souped-up and tuned Opel Omega, because this car was used as a Lotus Carlton only 320 pieces built, while as Opel Lotus Omega after all, 630 copies rolled off the line. The car was highly praised by all critics at the time, and was celebrated for being able to show the taillights of all super sports cars of that time as a four-door model. In our eyes, and in the eyes of many Opel fans, the Omega is still one of the highlights of the long and varied company history of the Rüsselsheim-based car manufacturer.

BiTurbo V8 Lotus Carlton Tuning 11 classics: BiTurbo R6 Lotus Carlton from 1991 for sale!

No, it wasn't supposed to be a two-door or a sports car, because the intention of Opel and Lotus was to create the world's first veritable supersport sedan that would change the world of four-door automobiles forever. It was not BMW, not Mercedes or even Porsche, but the often so disdained car manufacturer Opel, which at the time suffered enormous damage to its image through Manta jokes and dubious craft stalls that were put on the wheels by third-class tuners, which, together with Lotus the segment of High-performance sedan founded. Today, as I said, the vehicle is a car for enthusiasts, with which you can go on a Porsche hunt on the autobahn when the weather is nice, but the Lotus Carlton is far too good for a daily driver.

A tremendous achievement for the conditions at the time.

A is used as the drive 3,6-liter straight-six-cylinder gasoline enginethat of two Garrett T25 turbochargers is fired. This increases the performance of the Opel engine to a mighty one from 377 HP. That's almost as much as one E39-M5which, however, appeared more than a decade later. The power is transmitted via a Six-speed manual from ZF, which is also included in the Corvette ZR1 from this era was incorporated.

BiTurbo V8 Lotus Carlton Tuning 10 classics: BiTurbo R6 Lotus Carlton from 1991 for sale!

With this performance and the six-speed manual transmission, the Opel / Lotus can easily with a Ferrari Testarossa, One Honda NSX or a Porsche Turbo 993 keep up, and sometimes put them in their place, especially his Top speed of 285 km / h still impressive today.

Our conclusion on this Lotus Carlton:

Congratulations to the new owner of such a darling. With good care, the model is unlikely to lose its value and thus prove to be safe financial investment prove. If you do not have the necessary change, but are interested in a Lotus Carlton / Opel Lotus Omega, you can take a look at our picture gallery, which we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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