1992 Ice Cube Acura NSX Cabriolet for sale!

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Tuning 1992 Acura NSX Cabriolet 9 1992 Acura NSX Cabriolet from Ice Cube for sale!

Photo credit: Classic Cars of Sarasota

Hardly any old Japanese classic is still as celebrated as this one Acura NSX (Honda NSX) of type NA1 and NA2. No wonder the athlete was and is one of the best cars ever made in Japan. And at the same time is the rapper Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) one of the most successful in the world. And he was the proud owner of such a Honda NSX for many years. But not from any NSX, but from a converted one-off. Strictly speaking, a unique convertible. A full-fledged convertible and not just a kind of Targa. Although the changes to the roof do not necessarily look highly professional in detail, after all, the entire body has apparently not been significantly strengthened, but the first look is ultra cool. The body is extremely slim and filigree and there is also one in addition to the missing roof Bicolor wheelset from the accessories.

1992 Acura NSX Cabriolet from Ice Cube

The wheelset is not necessarily the first choice in terms of optics, but we've seen worse things. Incidentally, the interior of the NSX appears to be very neat, which is not really a surprise given the relatively low mileage of only 45.575 miles (approx. 73.000 km). Most of the leather-covered cabin is in series production, with the exception of the Infotainment system from the accessories that are in the center console Touchscreen display is integrated. Ice Cube bought the NSX in 1992, but we don't know whether the rapper also commissioned the conversion to a convertible. What we do know, the team from apparently carried out the conversion at the time NCE (Newport Convertible Engineering) carried out. The current target price for the black one-off is $ 39.500, which is relatively cheap for a first-generation NSX. The sports car is sold by Classic Cars of Sarasota.

Tuning 1992 Acura NSX Cabriolet 6 1992 Acura NSX Cabriolet from Ice Cube for sale!

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1992 Ice Cube Acura NSX Cabriolet for sale!

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