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Tip: A rare 1997 Ascari Ecosse is for sale!

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1997 Ascari Ecosse BMW Tuning 12 Tip: A rare 1997 Ascari Ecosse is for sale!

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With the name Ascari First of all, you don't associate a rare sports car from English production, but the first two-time Formula 1 world champion of the story, Alberto Ascari, who came from Italy. These successes inspired the Dutch businessman Klaas Zwart to found the sports car brand Ascari and their models in 1995 can not be rolled off the production line in the Netherlands but in England. The company disappeared from the scene again after a few years, but produced very noteworthy cars like that Ecosse or the one called extremely unfortunate for German ears KZ1. And a Ascari Ecosse is currently for sale in Tilburg, the Netherlands, although it was actually at the beginning of February RM Sotheby's should be auctioned. The called price for the vehicle is an impressive 165.000 euros. Given that only 18 copies were built, the sum is not set too high, as it is an absolute exotic.

The exterior is reminiscent of vehicles from the British manufacturer Noble.

1997 Ascari Ecosse BMW Tuning 7 Tip: A rare 1997 Ascari Ecosse is for sale!

The connoisseur immediately sees that the Ascari Ecosse comes from a cooperation with Lee Noble originates because it has many elements of the puristic super athletes of the traditional British brand. For example, the very flat front with the Fried egg headlights strong on the Noble M600. The comparatively oversized and very steep windshield immediately evokes associations with other British small-scale manufacturers. The sideline is also designed very unconventionally, and looks with her Long tail stern and the jagged transition from the roof to the rear is not exactly aerodynamic. The round tail lights and the mighty one rear spoiler remind a little of the blessed Lamborghini Diablo. All in all, the Ascari Ecosse is a very unusually designed A mix of styles of British and Italian super sports cars, which, however, should bring tears of joy to many car fans when they see a specimen, given its enormous rarity.

Ford elements meet luxury in the interior.

Many solvent prospects may be bothered by switches and pitman arms from a 90s Ford, but they All-leather appointments and the sporty cockpit make up for a large part of the Ford stink. Only the built-in radio is undignified for such a rare and expensive automobile, as it is just a completely normal one 1 DIN radio is what was found in every Ford or VW of that time. It's as far from a premium sound system as Earth is from Mars.

1997 Ascari Ecosse BMW Tuning 23 Tip: A rare 1997 Ascari Ecosse is for sale!

4,4 liter V8 suction gasoline engine with 300 hp.

One of Hartge tuned 4,4-liter BMW V8 with 300 hp powers the Ascari Ecosse. That might not be great by today's standards, but you have to keep in mind that this vehicle was built in 1997. In addition, the car only weighs around 1.250 kg, whereby a Power-to-weight ratio of around 4,17 kg / hp arises. This value is still respectable today, and the Ascari Ecosse sprints into something over the top 4 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. top speed is still exceptional for today's standards, as it is at full 320 km/h lies. In this model, the power is transmitted by a Six-speed gearboxwhich, however, only later became the original 5-speed manual transmission replaced.

Our conclusion on this Ascari Ecosse:

This vehicle is a toy for solvent car lovers and an absolute one Collectiblethat you shouldn't burn on the autobahn or the racetrack. who 165.000 euros left has got an exquisite object, which will probably no longer lose its value, provided it is cherished and cared for. If you are also interested in this vehicle, but do not have 165.000 bags, you can take a look at our picture gallery, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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