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2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as a V8 replica!

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2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 replica 21 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as V8 replica!

An original Shelby Daytona Coupe is particularly valued and loved by many automobile connoisseurs. Above all, the prices for an original model from the series are just exploding, and well-kept specimens can even go for a eight-digit (!!!) Sum change hands. But now comes the 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 into play, which one Replica of the original, but built in 2010, and in Monzarot with silver rally stripes is painted. The seller of the copy drove the vehicle approximately 4.000 miles (approx. 6.450 km) and the car only has about 9.000 miles (approx. 14.500 km) on the odometer.

Racing car with a breathtaking design

2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 replica 24 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as V8 replica!

From the front he remembers 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 of course to his role model from the 1960s, but also a little on one Jaguar E-Typewhich has similar proportions and a similar front design. The sideline is characterized by elongated lines, and the two are chrome-plated sidepipeswhich make getting in a little more difficult, but compensate for it with an unfiltered and honest engine sound, also look gorgeous. At the rear, the Superformance reminds Shelby with its three vertically arranged rear lights on each side, very much on one TVR Sagaris, although this has a slightly different rear design. The size rear window ensures a good overview to the rear, and the small one rear spoiler probably mainly used for optics and not to maximize the contact pressure at high speeds. A special gimmick that is reminiscent of racing is that chrome-plated tank filler neck on the left, which unfortunately we don't know whether to turn it up or whether it is one Quick tank function owns. In addition, were at the replica 18-inch alloy wheels from American racing installed on which tires of the type Michelin Pilot Sport A / S 3+ are raised.

Noble interior in vintage style.

2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 replica 14 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as V8 replica!

The interior of the retro racer, which saw the light of day in 2010, is completely in the style of the 1960s, and impresses with a classic Watch collection and a beautiful one Three-spoke steering wheel. Lined with leather Sports seats without headrests also provide an authentic 60s feeling while gear lever and hand brake were also kept in the classic style. The biggest surprise, however, is the big one Hatchbackwhich one useful trunk who even houses that full spare wheel summarizes. There is only for that two seats, and a backseat is missing entirely.

A 7-liter V8 from Ford works under the hood.

The heart of the racing car is a 7 liter V8 naturally aspirated gasoline enginefrom Roush performance was constructed. The engine has an electronic Multipoint injection from Holley and Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the exact performance, but it should be in the super sports car sector and give the extremely light racer insane performance. This vehicle is designed purely for the racetrack, but you can also shine with it on winding mountain passes, provided you take it under your wheels in summer and not in ice and snow.

2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 replica 16 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as V8 replica!

Our conclusion on the Superformance Shelby:

In our eyes this is a very successful one Replica a real one Classic. Ravishingly beautiful design and a lot of power under the hood are powerful arguments with which you can lure oldie lovers. If you are also interested in the vehicle, we recommend that you take a look at the picture gallery, which, as always, we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1965 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX3178 Tuning V8 4 310x165 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as a V8 replica!

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Vossen rims Shelby Ford F 150 Super Snake Tuning 3 310x165 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as a V8 replica!

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Dodge Shelby Omni GLHS Carroll Shelby Tuning 9 310x165 2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as a V8 replica!

2010 Superformance Shelby CSX 9000 as a V8 replica!

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