Leak: 2019 BMW M8 Competition Luxury Sportsman (G15)

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Leak 2019 BMW M8 Competition G15 Leak: 2019 BMW M8 Competition Luxury Sportsman (G15)
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After some pictures and videos circulating on the net, there is now another LEAK for the 2019 BMW M8 Competition. The luxury sportsman from Garching will probably be officially presented in the summer and should be the strongest and fastest production BMW ever. Visually, the pictures show that the M8 Competition will appear with a familiar look. The red painted vehicle comes with carbon front splitter and carbon air intakes in the fenders and possibly even the frame of the black kidneys sports carbon look. And at the rear, we expect no surprises.

is there a few more horsepower on top?

The M8 will feature a carbon rear diffuser and a small spoiler lip on the tailgate, and of course, the roof and exterior mirrors of the 2 + 2 carbon-fiber seats are also included. The engine is based on the well-known S63B44Tx-V8 of the current F90 M5 which provides 5 PS and 625 Nm in the M750 Competition. For the top model of the G14 / G15 series, we can even imagine a small premium to about 650 PS and about 800 NM torque. So equipped, the Nordschleife for the M8 in under 7: 30 minutes should hardly be a problem.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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