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2020 - New edition of the Rolls-Royce Ghost presented!

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2020 Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning Header 2020 New Edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost presented!

The manufacturer Rolls-Royce sends its "entry level"- the ghost - to the next round. In view of the purchase price of at least 250.000 euros, it is highly doubtful that the reference to the “entry-level model” is correct. After all, there are 36 (!!!) brand new Dacia Sandero! In 2010 the Ghost came on the market and it has expanded the range downwards. It is well over 5 meters long and a bestseller. Reason enough to reissue the British. The Ghost received the company's own aluminum spaceframe architecture, which was first used in the Phantom and later in the Cullinan. It has NOTHING to do with the parent company BMW and was created independently. The Ghost 2020 also got all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and a newly developed “Planer Suspension System” with “Magic Carpet Ride”. The complex technology is contained in a body that is almost 10 cm longer (5,55 meters, corresponds to the long version (EWB) of the predecessor) and the width increases by 30 millimeters to 1.978 mm. With a wheelbase of an impressive 3.295 mm, there is enough space, which is also reflected in a DIN curb weight of 2.490 kilograms.

 571 PS and 850 NM torque

2020 Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning 14 2020 new edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost presented!

Incidentally, the cool opposite opening doors have remained (Suicide Doors) which are still self-closing. This is made possible by a button on the dashboard and on the C-pillar. With the new Ghost, however, the doors can now also be opened with electrical assistance öffnen. Once you get out, the door can be closed fully automatically at the push of a button on the outside door handle. And Rolls-Royce has also further developed the 6,75-liter V12 gasoline engine with twin turbocharging. The 571 PS remain, but the torque increases to 850 NM. That's enough to accelerate to 4,8 km / h in just 100 seconds. And the maximum torque is now available from 1600 rpm and can therefore only be called up at 600 rpm above idle. In combination with an improved air intake system with larger openings, the acoustics in the interior are reduced even further. By the way, that was what the customers wanted!

the interior of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost

2020 Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning 15 2020 new edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost presented!

Incidentally, the new Ghost is said to be the most technologically advanced automobile that Rolls-Royce has ever built. Brand new LED and laser headlights with a range of more than 600 meters, a vigilance assistant, a visual aid with day and night warning for animals and people and a four-camera system with panoramic, all-round and helicopter views also contribute to this. With amenities such as active cruise control, a high-resolution 7 × 3 inch head-up display, Wi-Fi hotspot, self-parking technology, state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems, a system for collision warning, cross traffic warning as well as lane departure and lane change warning are only mentioned some modern details. And another feature is definitely the new woods with an open-pore design.

"Illuminated Fascia" dashboard

Two new surfaces have even been specially developed for the new Ghost. On the one hand the so-called “Obsidian Ayous” with the variety of colors of the lava stone and on the other hand “Dark Amber” which integrates a subtle glamor with veins of aluminum particles into the dark wood of the interior. And then there is the crazy dashboard from “Bespoke Collective” as “Illuminated Fascia”. A world first that is reminiscent of the starry sky, which has meanwhile become a brand iconography like the Spirit of Ecstasy or the “Double R” monogram. After 2 years and more than 10.000 hours of work, an ethereally glowing Ghost name tag was integrated, which is surrounded by more than 850 stars. It is located along with the word mark on the passenger side of the dashboard and is completely invisible when the interior lighting is switched off. Have fun looking at the pictures and stay true to us!

Photos: Rolls-Royce

2020 Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning 18 2020 new edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost presented!

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Restomod Rolls Royce Phantom with E drive Lunaz 1 310x165 2020 New edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost presented!

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2020 - New edition of the Rolls-Royce Ghost presented!

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