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2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

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2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 24 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

A confident appearance with a strong design and new driver assistance systems as well as advanced mild hybrid drive solutions: With a comprehensive facelift, Ford is making the current generation of its bestselling small car Fiesta fit for the start of the next production phase. The three and five-door models built in Cologne-Niehl now combine a powerful design update as well as state-of-the-art assistance and connectivity solutions with a variety of equipment lines that will be more clearly differentiated from each other with their own design elements.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift

The entry-level versions are Trend (from 14.600 euros) and Cool & Connect (from 16.550 euros). Above this are the equipment versions Titanium, Active and ST-Line - of these three equipment versions there is also an "X" and a "Vignale" version.

  • The comfortable ones: Titanium / Titanium X and Titanium Vignale combine maximum comfort with an elegant appearance.
  • The crossover: Active / Active X and Active Vignale feel just as comfortable off road as they do on the road
  • The sporty ones: ST-Line / ST-Line X and ST-Line Vignale look sporty inside and out and drive like that too.

The Ford Fiesta ST also celebrates its debut, which is also receiving a facelift and is being delivered in the equipment version "X" (price from 27.750 euros) *. The three-door compact sports car developed by Ford Performance sets standards with adaptive LED matrix headlights, a revised radiator grille and other striking details, as well as with the unusual color option Mean Green Metallic. Ford developed the new Ford Performance sports seats with Ford Performance Sensico upholstery in leather look / fabric. The maximum torque of the 1,5-liter and 147 kW (200 hp) EcoBoost three-cylinder has increased by ten percent and now reaches 320 Newton meters (Nm).

Ford Fiesta series for the first time with LED headlights as standard

The general rule is: Thanks to state-of-the-art technology solutions, the thoroughly redesigned Ford Fiesta is even better equipped for an intelligent, networked driving experience. An example: For the first time, LED headlights (low beam, high beam, daytime running lights) are being used as standard in all model variants. In conjunction with the adaptive LED matrix headlights (option), they enable glare-free high beam and adapt the light cone adaptively to the traffic situation - this leads to even better illumination of the road. Another novelty is the 12,3-inch digital instrument panel, with which operation reaches a higher level. The Local Hazard Information and Wrong-Way Alert are among the numerous highly developed assistance systems that are also being introduced to the Ford Fiesta series for the first time.

The electrified mild hybrid engines of the Ford Fiesta combine lower consumption and reduced exhaust emissions with increased driving pleasure. Its 48-volt technology improves fuel efficiency as well as the response to accelerator pedal commands. It works hand in hand with the ultra-modern Ford Powershift 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which enables both quick and jerk-free shifting maneuvers and thus increases driving comfort.

Modern design with more individual accents

Like the compact crossover model Ford Puma, the redesigned Ford Fiesta is based on the proven B-car architecture from Ford. It provides the basis for everyday versions with three- and five-door body (Ford Fiesta ST: only 3-door) customers can choose the variant that best suits their lifestyles.

The defining element of the upgraded body design is the newly designed bonnet. From now on, it will be built a little higher, creating space for a larger radiator grille. It takes up the Ford brand logo, which in this way has a better presence, but also ensures greater differentiation between the individual model versions. For example, the upper radiator grille of the Trend equipment line has horizontal struts and a surround made of chrome decor as well as striking side ventilation slots. For the Ford Fiesta Titanium, the cross braces are also chrome-plated. You take up the same style that characterizes the window frames.

The ST-Line, on the other hand, brings its sporty character to the fore with a lower radiator grille with a high-gloss black honeycomb insert. It also underlines its ambitious appearance with side air slots in the vehicle color and a larger-sized lower radiator grille. This contrasts with the crossover version Active. It expresses its more robust character within the Ford Fiesta family through a chassis with increased ground clearance, vertical radiator grille trims in high-gloss black and more powerful air inlets on the side.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 24 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

The standard LED headlights with their slim, horizontally elongated shape also make an important contribution to the self-confident appearance of the redesigned Ford Fiesta. The taillights get new bezels in black.

Redesigned alloy wheels underline the strong design of the new Ford Fiesta, for which two new body colors are also available: Boundless Blue Metallic and Beautiful Berry Red Metallic.

Drive technologies for today and tomorrow

Even more economical and cost-effective, even smoother and more responsive: the new Ford Fiesta relies on state-of-the-art EcoBoost turbo gasoline engines and 48 volt mild hybrid technology. This is based on a belt-driven starter generator BISG (Belt-Driven Integrated Starter / Generator), which replaces the conventional alternator. In braking phases or when the car is gliding, it converts kinetic energy into electrical current and uses it to feed an air-cooled lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 48 volts. It drives the electrical auxiliary units, but can also feed the energy back to the BISG, which then supports the gasoline engine with additional drive torque, for example when accelerating or starting off.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 25 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

Thanks to the BISG technology, the standard start-stop system can also intervene more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption: it switches the engine off during the stopping process at speeds below 25 km / h, even if a gear is still engaged. The reactivation takes place within 350 milliseconds. The effect is higher fuel efficiency.

Ford offers the new Fiesta in the following engines:

  • 1,1 liters with 55 kW / 75 PS (5-speed manual transmission)
  • 1,0 liter EcoBoost with 74 kW / 100 PS (6-speed manual transmission)
  • 1,0 liter EcoBoost mild hybrid (48 volt technology) with 92 kW / 125 PS (optionally with 6-speed manual transmission or with 7-speed PowerShift automatic transmission)
  • 1,0 liter EcoBoost mild hybrid (48 volt technology) with 114 kW / 155 PS (6-speed manual transmission).

The 92 kW / 125 PS mild hybrid version is also available with a 7-speed Ford Powershift transmission. The automated double clutch shift enables seamless acceleration with particularly smooth gear changes that take place with practically no interruption in tractive power, and always keeps the engine speed in a particularly efficient range. If the driver spontaneously needs full power, for example for an overtaking maneuver, the dual clutch transmission can also downshift three gears at once by kickdown.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 29 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

The redesigned Ford Fiesta also supports a committed driving experience, which can be individually adjusted using the driving mode control and the "Eco", "Normal" and "Sport" programs. The Ford Fiesta Active, which has a chassis with increased ground clearance, also has the "Trail" and "Slippery" modes. The system adapts the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal as well as the sensitivity of the electronic safety and stability program ESP and traction control as well as the shift points of the Powershift automatic transmission, if installed.

Modern technologies for even more connectivity, convenience and security

The numerous new driver assistance technologies increase the comfort and connectivity offers for the driver and his passengers, who can feel safe on board under all conditions - from relaxed cruising through the city center to ambitious motorway journeys.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 27 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

This already begins with the new headlights with standard LED technology for daytime running lights, low beam and high beam. The adaptive LED matrix headlights, which are optionally available in higher equipment versions, also automatically adapt their light cone to the road situation and the surroundings. The intelligent maneuvering light and bad weather light functions offer additional added value in connection with the static LED cornering light: if the vehicle sensors detect maneuvers in and out of parking spaces at low speeds, for example, they adjust the light cone so that the driver can enjoy an even better all-round view. The same applies when the windshield wipers come into action.

The glare-free high beam detects oncoming road users via the front camera and saves certain areas of the light cone so as not to obstruct their view. The advantage of this technology: the high beam without the risk of dazzling can be used more often and drivers can enjoy maximum illumination of the road in front of them for longer.

12,3-inch digital instrument panel

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 3 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

The 12,3-inch digital instrument panel is just as practical: it can be configured so that each driver can prioritize the information and navigation instructions displayed according to their individual taste. The digital instrument panel summarizes various functions in thematically meaningful displays that match the selected driving mode. A separate area shows particularly important information about the driver assistance systems, for example.

Driver assistance systems

The wrong-way alert function is one of the new assistance technologies that ensure even more safety and comfort. It compares the images from the windshield camera with data from the navigation system and thus recognizes whether the driver is trying to drive in the wrong direction onto a motorway, for example. In this case, the system warns of the impending danger via light and sound signals.

Intelligent systems such as the intelligent, adaptive cruise control system with traffic sign recognition are used for safety. This feature keeps the vehicle at a comfortable and safe distance from the car in front at almost any speed. The versions with dual clutch transmission also have a stop & go function. In other words, in the event of traffic jams, these vehicles can autonomously brake to a standstill and then start again.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 26 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

As a welcome support in inner-city traffic, the active parking assistant with parking and exit functions recognizes suitable free parking spaces and takes over the steering itself during parking maneuvers, while the driver continues to operate the accelerator, brake and gearshift. The system works both in parallel to the street and in adjacent parking spaces.

The new Ford Fiesta is also up to date in terms of connectivity. Via the on-board FordPass Connect modem2 Numerous functions can be easily accessed via the FordPass app2 operate via smartphone. The vehicle can be locked, unlocked and located remotely, or the current status of the tank content, tire pressure, fill level and age of the engine oil can be checked. Models with a 7-speed automatic can even be started remotely.

The live traffic updates3 keep the optional navigation system up-to-date at all times and provide information for the local hazard warning. It draws the driver's attention to potential danger spots along the route - especially helpful if these are behind bends or are covered by other vehicles.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 5 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

The driver operates the audio and navigation functions via the Ford SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system and controls connected smartphones using simple voice commands. The mobile phones can be integrated via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™. The 8-inch central operating display (screen diagonal: 20,3 centimeters) reacts to touch.

Further premium comfort options for the new Ford Fiesta include, for example, the inductive charging station for appropriately equipped smartphones. The optional B&O sound system with ten loudspeakers, integrated subwoofer and 575 watt amplifier including digital signal processing delivers real surround sound on request.

Green and cheeky: the new Fiesta ST X

At the same time as the “conventional” Ford Fiesta versions, the high-performance ST version developed by Ford Performance was also revised. It will only be delivered as a 3-door in the equipment version “X” and will be launched with a more aggressive front view: the upper and lower radiator grilles have honeycomb inserts. The upper and the large side air outlets are contrasted in color, while Ford paints the aerodynamically optimized front lip and the side skirts in the same color as the rear roof spoiler and the rear diffuser. The Ford Fiesta ST X rolls from the factory on 18-inch wheels. The highlight of the attractive ST X bodywork is the cheeky Mean Green Metallic.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 2 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

New Ford Performance sports seats offer the driver and front passenger optimum support even when actively moving around, while their comfort in normal everyday traffic makes them appealing. Thanks to the integrated headrest and 6-way adjustment options, they enable the most varied of statures to find an ideal sitting position. Striking red contrasting seams and premium upholstery add sporty highlights. The Ford Fiesta ST X's performance claim is reflected even more clearly in these figures: Acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6,5 seconds, top speed 230 km / h. The power for this performance is provided by an EcoBoost turbo gasoline engine, which generates an output of 1,5 kW (147 hp) * at 200 rpm from a 6.000 liter displacement.

The torque reaches its maximum value of 1.600 Nm between 4.000 and 320 tours. This means that it exceeds its current predecessor by 30 Nm. Patented, cold-formed force vectoring springs with twin-tube dampers from Tenneco on the front axle give the ST a crisp, precise steering response and reduce body movements. The mechanical limited-slip differential from Quaife for the driven front axle is optional and also contributes to traction and agile cornering properties. If you want to explore the dynamic potential of the Ford Fiesta ST X on the racetrack, you can use the “Race Track” driving mode program. The ESP allows greater design leeway and even allows drift angles.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift Tuning 20 2022 Ford Fiesta ST Facelift gets more torque!

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