2024 Lexus Monogram GX with integrated pizza oven

Every gourmet’s dream comes true: The Lexus GX, equipped with a Monogram pizza oven, sets standards in culinary Luxury segment. In cooperation with the luxury brand Monogram, Lexus has built a special vehicle that was first presented at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, in mid-June. The 2024 Lexus Monogram GX is much more than just a car - it is a mobile pizza oven with a variety of extras. In the rear of the GX there is a 30-inch electric oven, perfect for pizza, handmade bread or freshly caught branzino. But that's not all: The Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press ensures perfectly chilled bourbon or other spirits.

2024 Lexus GXXNUMX

A wine and bourbon storage area, cooler compartments, a cooler in the rear seat area, a credenza and a wine and spirits bar with bar set, glasses, bitters and foldable cutting board complete the fun. And the cabin of the GX is just as cool as the equipment: Two-tone camel leather seats, brass and titanium accents, Dekton slate stone details, custom rims and unique exterior details add a touch of exclusivity. Julie Burns, Managing Director of Monogram Appliances, emphasized: "The concept combines unexpected luxury with culinary enjoyment far from home. The Monogram GX revolutionizes the road trip experience and turns it into an exquisite culinary journey."

It was built and designed by Complete customsBut one important note should not be missed, at least Lexus mentions it emphatically: “The vehicle is a one-off project vehicle that has been modified using non-Lexus parts. This may void the warranty, affect safety and jeopardize roadworthiness.“ For those who are not lucky enough to have the special Lexus GX pizza oven There are alternatives: With a portable stove, a mini fridge and a trunk organizer, anyone can turn their car into a mobile kitchen - and it's completely legal.

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2024 Lexus Monogram GX with integrated pizza oven
Photo credit/source: Lexus
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