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Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!

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Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!

In the summer of 2020, the DBX Aston Martin's entry into the SUV market. And with that DBX707, which will be launched as the new top model from 2025, the “basic version” of the DBX V8 will now be completely replaced. The DBX707 gets one Facelift, which extends to both the cabin and the chassis. Interior details "Inspire comfort","Inspire Sports" and "Accelerate“ with chic Alcantara show a complete redesign. New Steering Wheels, Iron door handles and vertical ventilation nozzles also improve the style, while a horizontal line the dashboard visually divides. The center console is now slightly simplified, using a variety of materials such as Chromium, Manager and structured wood veneers are used. Inlays are also out shiny titanium fabric, black piano lacquer or carbon fiber available.

2025 Aston Martin DBX707

New operating units for driving and chassis modes, the ESP and manual gear selection as well as a switch for the active exhaust system remain preserved. And when it comes to infotainment, Aston is now using it in-house system with one 12,3 inch instrument cluster and a 10,25 inch touch. An own Sound system with 800 watts and 14 speakers is also part of the standard equipment, with an optional 1.600 watt system from Bowers & Wilkins can be ordered. Externally you can recognize the DBX707 by its enlarged size Cooling air intake and narrow light strips in the apron. There are also additional ones at the rear spoiler lips and a big one diffuser the British, paired with a four-pipe exhaust system in matt black. The Four liter twin-turbo V8 with 707 PS and a torque of 900 Newton meters But remains unchanged with the facelift.

The DBX707 doesn't get any cheaper

The driving performance with an acceleration of 0 at 100 km / h in 3,1 seconds and a top speed of 310 remain therefore the same. However, the chassis was recalibrated so that electronically controlled dampers and air springs now react faster and more precisely. Carbon ceramic brake discs also ensure superior braking performance and are optional 23-inch Alus available. Production of the facelifted DBX707 begins in the second quarter of 2024, with the first deliveries shortly afterwards. Pricing for the new model year has not been announced yet, but is expected to be given the updates and customization options higher will be.

Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!

  • Integration of Aston Martin's all-new infotainment system; Tailored, multi-screen, supports wireless Apple CarPlay
  • New interior design; new cabin architecture, new materials such as glossy smoked oak and reworked Ziricote wood
  • Improved dynamics; Detailed changes to the calibration of the chassis software
  • Drive Technology; 707 hp, 900 Newton meters, four-liter V8, nine-speed gearbox
  • Deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2024
  • New Premium Audio 800 watt system; optionally expanded to 1.600 watts by Bowers & Wilkins
  • Detailed changes to the exterior; five new paint colors, two new wheel surfaces, “presenting” door handles
  • New exterior mirrors; Improved cameras for 3D parking function, flush design
  • acceleration; 0 to 100 km/h in 3,1 seconds, top speed 310 km/h
  • Carbon ceramic brakes; 420 millimeters at the front, 390 millimeters at the rear
  • Recalibration of electronic dampers and air springs; improved response and driver precision

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Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!

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Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!
Aston Martin DBX707: model year 2025 in the starting blocks!
Photo credit/source: Aston Martin
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