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2025 Morgan Plus Four – timeless classic gets a contemporary update!

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2025 Morgan Plus Four – timeless classic gets a contemporary update!

The Morgan Plus Four, a symbol of British automotive tradition, is undergoing a major modernization in 2024. The special vehicle, which has looked almost unchanged since 1950, already underwent a major change in 2020 when it went from the old-fashioned steel chassis to a modern aluminum structure was converted. However, despite the radical changes, the Plus Four remains visually true to the classic heritage. For the 2024 model year, it will receive not only technical innovations but also visual updates. The front section works through new fenders and a revised one front spoiler a little fresher and much more modern, in our opinion.

2025 Morgan Plus Four

In addition, new ones improve Headlights, which now also integrate the indicators, improve visibility and safety at night. And that too Suspension has undergone an overhaul: There is now as standard, coordinated springs and dampers as well as an optionally available one Dynamic Handling Package. The latter fully owns adjustable dampers with height adjustment and one Stabilisator on the front axle, developed in cooperation with Nitron. The Cabin the Morgan Plus Four benefits from improved Speakers and the possibility of even a high-quality one Sennheiser sound system to be installed. The controls for the exterior lighting have also been integrated into the display, and the interior lighting has also been improved.

Two-liter four-cylinder from BMW

However, the Plus Four's drive remains as good as ever: one supplied by BMW Two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, which has 258 hp and delivers a torque of 350 Nm, ensures strong driving performance. The power is only transferred to the Rear wheels, with the choice between a manual Six-speed transmission and an ZF eight-speed automatic consists. With all the modernizations and the starting price of EUR 89.900, it delivers Morgan Plus Four a perfect combination of tradition and contemporary technology.

Details about the 2025 Morgan Plus Four:

  • Timeless design further developed: New lighting, wings, front splitter, rear diffuser and mirrors
  • Dynamic handling package: Designed with Nitron, adjustable damping and spring platform, rear stabilizers
  • Technical improvements: Improved Sennheiser audio system, expanded audio functionality, new interior lighting
  • Individual as standard: Endless combinations of color and material options
  • Availability: Can be ordered now, first models in production from May 2024
  • New logo: Uses Morgan's HFS Bold font
  • New exterior and interior lighting: Improved light sources, higher quality
  • New landing gear: New suspension rates, recalibrated dampers
  • Interior improvements: LCD and dashboard revised, new key remote control
  • Sennheiser audio system: 'Invisible' speakers under the seats, higher quality door speakers
  • Scottish leather: Processed using traditional techniques
  • Three year guarantee: With option to extend for a further 12 months

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2025 Morgan Plus Four – timeless classic gets a contemporary update!

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2025 Morgan Plus Four – timeless classic gets a contemporary update!
2025 Morgan Plus Four – timeless classic gets a contemporary update!
Photo credit/source: Morgan Motor Company
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