Saturday 31th July 2021

3 x KTM X-Bow from Tuner Wimmer! Greetings 1.310PS

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From Solingen comes the tuner Wimmer who recently took on three KTM X-Bow and turned them into thoroughbred bullets.

Number 1 is the X-BOW GT:

(Photos: Wimmer Tuning)
850kg empty weight equipped with metal catalyst, larger turbocharger, optimized high pressure pump, special intake, new exhaust system and modified chassis. There is also a gigantic carbon rear spoiler with adjustable flaps. The original 285PS / 420NM have been increased to an insane 458PS and 520NM torque. With a power-to-weight ratio of 1,75kg per hp, the X-BOW GT shoots to 4 km / h in under 100 seconds and runs at a top speed of 255 km / h. Cost: € 130.000

Number 2 is the X-Bow R

Now comes the X-Bow R intended for the racetrack. The changes are the same as for the GT from above. Instead of the 300PS / 400NM of the series, it is now 455PS / 500NM. With a weight of only 785kg, the "R" goes 248km / h. In connection with the optionally available reinforced transmission including top-class sports clutch and differential lock as well as other details such as central locks for rims etc., there is hardly any opponent to be seen on the racetrack. Cost including road approval € 120.000

Number 3: The X-Bow RR

The X-Bow RR marks the end of the trio. With 370PS it is the "weakest" but also the cheapest with "only" 110.000 €. The small catch is the lack of street approval. However, if you are not worried about it, you can race over the racetrack stress-free with an optionally available Nordschleife setup including wheel load measurement.

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