Thursday 23rd September 2021

The strongest Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

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Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 45 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

McLaren Automotive, known worldwide for the exclusive, luxurious and high performing supercars with which the company has built its reputation over the past decade, today unveils another groundbreaking model: the 765LT Spider. The new Spider complements the 765LT "Longtail" Coupé introduced last year - all of which have already been sold - and is McLaren's most powerful Spider supercar of all time. In addition to the other core attributes that are inherent in every McLaren Longtail - minimized weight, racetrack-oriented dynamics and optimized aerodynamics - the 765LT Spider has all the class-leading capabilities of the coupé and also meets LT's claim to exclusivity: only 765 vehicles are available worldwide for customer orders being.

Mclaren 765LT Spider

The 765LT Spider adopts the dynamic and aerodynamic DNA of the Coupé without structural compromises and with only a minimal additional weight of 49 kg - mainly due to the retractable hardtop and the associated operating mechanism - and weighs only 1.388 kg (DIN weight), which is 80 kg lighter than a 720S Spider and approx. 100 kg lighter than its closest comparable competitor.

The electrically operated, one-piece carbon fiber hardtop (RHT) enables open driving in just 11 seconds and works at speeds of up to 50 km / h. The dramatic soundtrack of the quadruple exhaust system made of titanium brings the driver into the cabin and transports him to another dimension.

“As we continue to expand the LT sub-brand with the introduction of the new 765LT Spider, it is clear that our customers are increasingly drawn to the long-tail supercar lineup that offers exhilarating, extreme performance and limited availability. With all 765 copies of the 765LT Coupé sold, it is no surprise that production capacities for 2021 are already full when we publicly announce our new LT Spider. "
Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 38 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The immense performance and dynamic capabilities of the new Spider - already proven in the 765LT Coupé - are reinforced by three compelling factors: the stability of its MonoCage II-S structure, the groundbreaking design of its one-piece retractable hard top roof, and the ongoing determination of the McLaren Engineers to pursue the company's philosophy of super lightweight construction.

The Spider version of the carbon fiber MonoCage II referred to as - MonoCage II-S - was developed along with the coupe's monocoque and shares most of the structural elements, including the windshield bezel. The strength and rigidity of the structure are so high that no additional struts are required compared to the Coupé - another weight-optimizing factor. At the rear of the vehicle, structural supports made of carbon fiber are completely glued into the chassis to ensure rollover protection.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 25 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The spider roof is an integral part of the structure. It consists of a carbon fiber frame inside the retractable hardtop and when closed forms a complete carbon fiber shell. There are additional comfort benefits for the occupants: Since it is a one-piece convertible top without a center seal, the headroom is improved, and the greater length of the roof means that the A-pillars are further forward, which improves the feeling of space and makes getting in and out easier .

Like every LT, the new Spider is designed for use on the racetrack, but the added dimension of drama offered by the Spider roof also makes it an even more captivating and fascinating vehicle on the road. With the same sophisticated aerodynamics package as the Coupe - although the active rear wing calibration has been revised to take into account whether the roof is up or down, and the dampers have been recalibrated to account for the slightly higher weight - the Spider stands out as the standout The coupé's aero performance is in no way inferior, with class-leading downforce 25% higher than that of a 720S Spider.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 26 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

“A McLaren 'longtail' is designed to offer not only incredible performance, but also the highest level of driver engagement. The 765LT Coupe set a new standard in maximizing the driver's connection with the car, and the Spider builds on that by adding the added engagement factor of open-air driving to give direct access to the sparkling sound of the titanium exhaust - a pleasure that can be enjoyed even with the roof down thanks to the electrically operated rear window. "
Jamie Corstorphine, Director of Product Strategy, McLaren Automotive

The most powerful McLaren Spider of all time and the newest and most attractive addition to the brand's longtail line is available to order now from McLaren dealers. Prices start at € 369,000 including 19% VAT and availability is limited to just 765 vehicles for customer orders worldwide, with production already fully sold for 2021.

McLaren 765LT Spider in detail

Maximizing the McLaren LT Experience: The Longtail name became legendary almost a quarter of a century ago when an extremely light, stretched-bodied version of the McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans racing car drove it all in the 1997 FIA GT Championship. The principles behind this car - ultra-low weight, improved aerodynamics, extreme performance and absolute driver dedication - were revisited in 2015 when McLaren introduced the 675LT.

Like its predecessors, the new 765LT Spider remains true to the longtail principles and places the driver at the center of the sensory, dynamic and - in this case especially - acoustic experience, whereby the triple patented retractable hard top roof lifts the driver to an even higher level higher level.

“The lowering of the 765LT Spider convertible top opens up another level of driver activity. The Coupé is impressive in itself, but when you lower the roof of the Spider, the character changes by one step - almost a theatrical element, as if you were watching a live orchestra right in front of the stage. " Ian Howshall, Global Product Manager, McLaren Automotive

The retractable hard-top consists of a single carbon fiber frame with a high-density, noise-reducing foam core between the plate and the inner liner. This removes the mass from the upper part of the vehicle and reduces the volume of unwanted noises in the interior. In addition, more headroom is created for the occupants, as the central seal, which previously ran across the roof plate, is no longer necessary.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 9 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The roof mechanism of the 765LT Spider is one of the fastest and quietest in the world. The occupants experience a noise of maximum 50 dBA during operation, with a peak value of 60 dBA during the locking process - twice as quiet as the roof of the 675LT Spider, the first LT in this category. Fully electrically controlled, the roof can be opened or closed in just 11 seconds, at a speed of up to 50 km / h. The system is powered by eight electric motors - two to fold the roof panel, two to raise and lower the tonneau lid and two to control the dynamic flaps that unfold on the tonneau pillars when the roof is open.

The rear window, which can also be lowered when the roof is open to amplify the quadrophone exhaust sound, has its own motor, as does the RHT locking mechanism. All of these motors are optimized to work in parallel so the roof starts moving before the tonneau is fully open, which saves time. The roof of the 675LT Spider - which took 17 seconds and worked at a speed of up to 30 km / h - was controlled by a hydraulic pump, which meant that every step of the process had to be done in turn.

The roof panel is also significantly longer than that of the predecessor 675LT, which means that the top of the A-pillars could be moved forward by 80 mm, which enlarges the door opening and facilitates access. This was made possible by the incredibly strong, rigid and stable MonoCage II-S chassis. Since both the upper and lower parts of the chassis are made of carbon fiber, the structure of the Spider provides complete safety without the need to reinforce the windshield surround. This and the fact that no additional struts for the tub are required help to reduce the weight difference between the Coupé and Spider to a minimum of 49 kg.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 14 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The MonoCage II-S differs from the Coupé's MonoCage II only in the rear area, where an upper structure made of carbon fiber was constructed around the engine compartment and two solid structural supports made of carbon fiber were glued into the chassis to provide rollover protection. The upper structure sits near the intercoolers and the intake system and helps maximize luggage space and reduce the height of the luggage compartment cover - factors that in turn improve both aerodynamic performance and shoulder visibility.

Weight saving the McLaren way

Every McLaren is built on a super lightweight philosophy to the point where further weight reduction is extremely challenging. The 720S Spider, from which the 765LT Spider was developed, weighs only 1.468 kg and has a better power-to-weight ratio than any of its competitors. But the longtail ethos has always called for the relentless pursuit of weight reduction: the original F1 GTR was unimaginably light for its time, but the F1 GTR longtail was once again over 100 kg lighter. True to the LT bloodline, the new Spider with 1.388 kg (DIN) saves 80 kg of the DIN weight of the 720S Spider.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 27 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

Whether Coupé or Spider, weight is important because it reduces inertia, which in turn sharpens the response to any input by the driver on the accelerator, brakes or steering. McLaren's expertise in carbon fiber is not only used in the MonoCage chassis, but also in many bespoke body parts and components, while other super-light materials such as titanium are also used. In addition, parts of the drive train and the chassis have been revised and optimized, comfort features have been removed and ultra-light seats have been installed.

“We have reduced the weight delta between the 765LT Coupé and Spider to an absolute minimum. The sophisticated development of the RHT and the fact that the chassis does not require any reinforcement ensure that the Spider is a real driver's car in every respect - extremely directional and dynamic on a par with the Coupé. "
James Warner, Chief Engineer, McLaren Automotive

The front splitter, the new front bumper, the lower door attachments and the side skirts, the wraparound rear bumper and the active rear wing are all made of carbon fiber and specially made for the 765LT. The bonnet, the front fenders, the outer door panels and the rear fenders - which are made of lightweight aluminum as standard - are also available in the body color of carbon fiber as MSO Defined options. The front fenders reduce the weight by a total of 1,2 kg, the rear fenders and door panels together by 4,9 kg.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 13 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The one-piece carbon fiber front floor, engineered at the McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) near Sheffield, UK, is remarkably unique. It is extremely light and stiff and not only optimizes the aerodynamic performance of the revised underbody - which further reduces inertia - but also enables the front section of the Spider to be shared with that of the Coupé.

Each component was evaluated from the point of view of weight saving. The windshield and side windows are thinner and therefore lighter than the 720S; a next-generation lithium-ion battery saves 3,0 kg and the full titanium exhaust system weighs only 10,9 kg (40% less than a stainless steel system would weigh). 20NiCh nickel chrome from Formula 1 was used for the pinion and the crown gear in the final drive of the gearbox, while the suspension is equipped with lightweight springs supported by "auxiliary springs" - the use of two springs saves weight compared to a larger dual -rate spring.

A total of 22 kg was saved in the development of the customized, ultra-light light alloy forged wheels of the LT, each of which is equipped with Pirelli P Zero ™ Trofeo R tires specially developed for the 765LT. Titanium wheel bolts are also part of the standard equipment.

In addition, a significant part of the 80 kg weight saving compared to the 720S is achieved in the cockpit. The standard racing seats with carbon fiber cladding are a total of 18 kg lighter than the sports seats on the 720S. Seeing for the first time in the McLaren P1 ™, the seats have a light Alcantara® cover, which can also be found on the steering wheel, on the dashboard and on the doors.

The center tunnel of the cockpit is made of only 0,8 mm thick carbon fiber, the door pockets have been replaced by mesh, and carbon fiber has been used for micro-details such as the window switch bezels, the steering wheel clasp and the surround of the Active Dynamics Panel. Further weight savings result from the elimination of the floor carpet (2,4 kg), the air conditioning (10 kg) and the audio system (1,5 kg) - the latter two can be retrofitted at no extra charge.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 36 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The weight reduction measures built in as standard reach the delta of 80 kg compared to the 720S, but for owners who want to go even further, a lightest dry weight of just 1.278 kg is possible by installing optional components such as super lightweight carbon fiber racing seats. These seats, which were first developed for the McLaren Senna, are a third lighter than the standard seats. The innovative double shell technology means that each seat shell weighs only 3,35 kg.

Power, performance - and absolute commitment from the driver

The intuitive connection between driver and car is a core strength of all McLarens, but it's taken to a new level in an LT model. Every element of the 765LT driving experience has been improved in both the Spider and Coupe. The two models were developed side by side with the clear strategy of offering an equally intense experience.

“We developed the 765LT Spider, a no-compromise vehicle that is just as exciting and rewarding to drive as the Coupe, with all the connection, proximity and commitment - but with the added benefit of so much more of this amazing LT -Sound is even closer to the driver. " James Warner, Chief Engineer, McLaren Automotive

The 765LT Spider features the same double-charged M840T engine as the coupe, a 4,0-liter V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft, dry-sump lubrication, twin-scroll turbochargers with extremely low inertia and electronically controlled wastegates. The engine also has LT-specific forged pistons made of aluminum, the three-layer head gasket of the McLaren Senna and highly efficient, carbon-coated valve train lifters.

Power and torque - 765PS (755bhp) at 7.500 rpm and 800Nm (590lb ft) at 5.500 rpm - are controlled by an engine management system with bespoke calibration. The benchmark acceleration values ​​speak for themselves: 0-100km / h in 2,8 seconds (0-60mph in 2,7 seconds), and 0-200km / h in 7,2 seconds. This extraordinary performance - comparable to that of the Coupé - is made even more accessible thanks to an optimized gear ratio, which enables 15% faster acceleration times than that of the 720S, and thanks to an almost instantaneous throttle response.

Steering feedback is improved by a faster rack and pinion ratio and a stiffer torsion bar added to McLaren's acclaimed electro-hydraulic steering system. The Proactive Control II tethered hydraulic suspension introduced in the 720S benefits from 765LT-specific software updates - with revised algorithms derived from those developed for the McLaren Senna and Speedtail programs - and hardware changes, including the new, lightweight double springs. At the front, the ride height is 5 mm lower and the track 6 mm wider than on the 720S. All of these measures optimize precision, control, stability and roll rigidity in order to offer a driving experience that is even more focused on the racetrack.

The package of aerodynamic measures developed for the 765LT Coupé remains almost unchanged in the Spider. It benefits from the same 25% increase in downforce compared to the 720S as the Coupé. The main aero difference is the calibration of the elongated, long-tail active rear wing, the deployment angle of which is influenced not only by the need for a different setting for driving with the roof down, but also by the fact that the rear profile of the spider differs from that of the Coupés is different.

By pressing the aero button in the cabin, “Driver Downforce” is activated, which adjusts the wing angle depending on the speed. The angle increases when the roof is closed in order to restore the downforce at the rear that was lost due to the additional disruption of the air flow. For the Spider driver, all of this happens in the background and the resulting variations are seamless.

In order to better exploit the enormous potential of the 765LT Spider, the driver can adjust the transmission and chassis characteristics with the settings for Comfort, Sport and Track mode on the Active Dynamics Panel typical of McLaren. The 765LT's transmission increases driver control with a new feature called Limit Downshift. Previously, the 7-speed sequential gearbox refused to change gear if the gearshift would overspeed the engine, while with the new LT the gearbox software confirms the gearshift request and changes gear as soon as the engine speed and road speed allow. The process also creates an audible drama by causing the engine to briefly "bounce" off the rev limiter.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 20 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The 765LT's bespoke brakes, wheels and tires are also key to improved dynamic feedback and driver engagement. The braking performance is simply phenomenal: the latest generation of carbon-ceramic discs in combination with brake calipers from the McLaren Senna ensure precise pedal feel and amazing braking power. The 765LT Spider also features the Formula 1-inspired integrated caliper cooling that debuted in the coupe and reduces the temperature of the brake pads by up to 50 degrees when driving on the racetrack, ensuring a consistent feel and performance.

Serious racers can specify a brake upgrade that includes the McLaren Senna's 60% stronger carbon-ceramic discs, which offer four times more thermal conductivity - and four times better thermal management - than traditional carbon-ceramic components.

The 765LT Spider runs on forged 10-spoke alloy wheels with a unique tire that was specially developed for this vehicle by McLaren and its technical tire partner, Pirelli. The Pirelli Trofeo R tire is tailor-made to optimize the revised chassis dynamics of the 765LT and to increase cornering speeds so that the driver receives maximum feedback from the road or track.

Music to a driver's ears ...

The unique LT soundtrack plays a much more complex role in driver engagement than just filling the cab with sound. The stiffness of the engine mount has been increased to support dynamic performance and also to transmit and radiate more low-frequency sounds from the engine into the interior, amplifying any speed change and allowing the driver to physically experience the engine.

The titanium exhaust system dominates the soundstage as well as the rear of the vehicle. The four centrally mounted round exhaust pipes have been carefully designed, dimensioned, angled and positioned, with the pipe diameter increasing the exhaust volume and the relative position of each pipe to the others providing the precise, harmonious content required. The resulting high-pitched sound that increases with rev range - a sound so important to the heart of the driving experience that it was first noticed during an early test on a mule, before even considering design and thermal management - is one of the "signatures" of the LT.

Depending on where the 765LT is sold, the soundtrack can take on a different character - in EU markets the pipes are fitted with two titanium valves that produce a quieter exhaust sound at low speeds and a more engaging sound at higher speeds.

Designed to deliver the highest performance

The elongated silhouette that gave the original longtail its name in 1997 was created for a very specific purpose, and everything McLaren has designed since then has followed this philosophy of “Everything for a reason” and “Form follows function”. The 765LT Spider is the absolute example of this. Every detail of its highly complex, sculptural form serves the cause of higher performance.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 46 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

“A McLaren LT is defined by its rebellious spirit, and a distinctive, distinctive look is an important part of that appeal. The dynamic attributes of a long tail also require physical changes; the elongated silhouette, which improves aerodynamic performance, and the polished body structure, which improves downforce and cooling - especially on the racetrack - immediately signal that the 765LT Spider is a car that will deliver on the promise of pure driving pleasure. "
Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive

The organically polished body of the 765LT Spider has technical details that are geared towards the race track, with components made of exposed carbon fiber or dark palladium that mark where the airflow enters and exits the vehicle. This look is tougher than that of the 720S and illustrates how airflow is controlled to meet the vehicle's demanding performance goals.

The 765LT Spider's nose is 48mm longer than that of the 720S and the active rear wing is 9mm longer, making the car 57mm longer in total. The front bumper and splitter - the latter is now closer to the ground as the front ride height is 5mm lower than the 720S - have been moved to the front. The rear ride height remains the same, which increases the inclination of the vehicle and creates more downforce.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 33 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The 765LT is longer than a 720S, but the overall body has less volume, which increases heat dissipation from the engine compartment and reduces air pressure in the wheel arches. At the rear, the bumper has been pushed closer to the technical load points and exposes the rear tires, while the active rear wing overhangs and curves upwards towards the center. The active rear wing is as impressive as it is effective: it is longer than that of the 720S, 60 mm higher and has a 20% larger area, so its raised position increases downforce even at lower speeds when it is not extended. Because the wing has a minimal impact on drag, the downforce to drag ratio (aero efficiency) of the 765LT is also 720% better than the 20S.

The importance of the wing for the performance of the 765LT cannot be overestimated: its role in controlling downforce, end-to-end balance and stability, when braking and accelerating, is absolutely crucial for the dynamic flow of the car . The Spider does not miss any of the hard-won advantages of the coupe - although the rear profile is slightly more pronounced in the strut area, it is able to achieve the coupe's balanced aero performance by recalibrating the angles of the rear wing, with a modest one Adjusting the attenuation tuning is the only other change. The aerodynamic performance allows the front springs to be set softer than would be the case if they were solely responsible for maintaining the front ride height, which in turn improves the flexibility of the front axle.

The wing helps cool the drive train by venting hot air from the engine compartment and increases downforce. In the middle there is a recess that both improves visibility and protects the carbon fiber from the heat of the exhaust gas when it is left standing after a long race on the racetrack. In addition, when braking from high speed, the wing unfolds as an air brake, stands almost vertically - only then does one get a feel for its sheer size - and increases the downforce at the stern by 60%.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 45 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The highly complex and completely bespoke design of the front splitter also plays a large role in the performance of the 765LT. It separates and redirects the airflow, above and below the car, and cools the low-temperature coolers (LTRs) behind the headlights. On the outer edges of the splitter there are distinctive vertical slats that direct the air flow around the front wheels and calm the air vortex. They work in tandem with the airflow exiting the LTR vents at the top. Between the inside of the vertical louvers and the front bumper are upturned aero louvers, which, similar to the 720S GT3 race car and McLaren Senna GTR for the racetrack, act as nosedive surfaces, directing air up and over them for more To generate downforce.

The Spider's doors differ from those of the Coupé in that they do not have a carbon fiber top frame, are smaller and lighter, and only require a single hinge (compared to the Coupé's double hinge attachment). When open, the doors of the Spider extend 120 mm further on each side than those of the Coupé - the only difference in dimensions between the two models.

The doors use the double-skinned technology used in the legendary McLaren P1 ™ and further developed with great success in the 720S. The door leaves have been modified to incorporate an additional vertical leaf that protrudes from the skirt of the vehicle and controls the turbulent air as it exits the front wheel arch and helps direct it into the enlarged inlets in front of the rear wheel arch. These inlets feed the lower section of the high temperature coolers (HTRs), increasing the efficiency of the cooling system.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 16 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

As soon as you step into the cockpit of the 765LT Spider, you will immediately see the embossed 765LT logo on the dashboard and the unique, numbered dedication plaque - visual cues that you have entered an exclusive space. As befits an LT, the cockpit is forensically geared towards the driver. A rousing menu of lightweight construction elements and components inspired by racing merges with generous space, excellent ergonomics and exquisite materials to create a truly unique super sports car experience.

The differences in the interior between the Coupé and the Spider are minimal, with the Spider's cabin having an additional element of the upper carbon fiber cladding that "flows" from the interior to the exterior. The engine window of the coupé also gives way to the folding roof mechanism on the Spider. There is additional luggage space under the rear tonneau cover, and 150 liters of storage space at the front.

The view to the front is excellent thanks to the incredibly slim A-pillars made possible by the MonoCage II-S made of carbon fiber, while the feeling of space in the interior is enhanced by the larger, thinner roof area of ​​the Spider compared to the Coupé. This feeling can be heightened when the roof is fitted with the Electrochromic Glass, which offers adjustable tint levels.

The carbon fiber-coated racing seats, which were used for the first time in the McLaren P1 ™ and subsequently in every LT model, are covered with light Alcantara® and offer excellent support from an excellent driving position. The super-light, double-shell carbon fiber racing seats of the McLaren Senna can be specified as an option.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 14 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The most important connectivity functions, including McLaren Track Telemetry (MTT), are displayed on the high-resolution 8-inch infotainment screen, which, together with the innovative Folding Driver Display located directly in front of the driver, forms an integrated information platform. Primary functions such as B. the Active Dynamics Panel, are in the driver's field of vision.

Customers who value comfort functions more than weight savings can choose from a range of options. An audio system is not included in the standard equipment - this saves 1,5 kg - but a light McLaren system with 4 speakers can be ordered free of charge as an option, as can Bluetooth telephony, iPod / iPhone integration and audio voice prompts. An improved world-class audio system developed by Bowers & Wilkins specifically for McLaren is also available.

Instead of the standard lightweight nets and the center tunnel made of carbon fiber, storage pockets in the doors and a center tunnel with lockable storage space can be selected as an option. A driver-controlled vehicle lift system that raises the vehicle's nose when necessary to drive over bumps or parking ramps is a free option, as is a high-resolution rear-view camera or an improved 360-degree 4-camera parking assistance system with a "bird's eye view". In certain markets, Homelink® enables up to three electric garage doors or house gates to be opened remotely.

A wide range of personalized equipment options is available, including unique exterior colors and a range of interior materials. To underline the dynamic personality of the 765LT Spider, eight “By McLaren” color designs were developed for the interior. The first of these themes sets a subtle color accent in the Alcantara® interior by replacing the carbon black stitching with McLaren Orange. Three themes go even further and introduce an additional Alcantara® color with a complementary seam at certain points - including the seats and doors - on a Carbon Black Alcantara Base®: Dove Gray Alcantara® with Situs Gray seams, Burnt Orange Alcantara® with Carmine stitching and Midnight Blue Alcantara® with Kingfisher Blue stitching. These themes contain graphics lasered into the seats, which each reveal a secondary color in McLaren Orange, Situs Gray, Carmine or Azura Blue, which corresponds to the colored seams in the interior.

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 43 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

The remaining four “By McLaren” themes offer a luxurious alternative to Alcantara®: carbon black soft-grain leather with contrasting stitching in McLaren Orange, Situs Gray, Carmine or Kingfisher Blue. All “By McLaren” interiors can be fitted with a 12 o'clock stripe on the Alcantara® steering wheel in McLaren Orange, Burnt Orange, Blue or Dove Gray at no extra charge.

The surrounds of the folding driver display and the central infotainment screen are both available in carbon fiber and complement the finish of the window switch surrounds, the steering wheel clasp and the surround of the Active Dynamics Panel. Additional carbon fibers are available from the MSO Defined program, including satined exposed carbon fibers for the air vents and extended rocker panels with unique 765LT branding.

McLaren Special Operations - for those who want more ...

Customers looking to achieve another level of customization can turn to McLaren Special Operations (MSO) for an almost limitless choice of personalization options. This is McLaren's “dream factory” capable of bringing almost any customer vision to life on their finished car.

“Our mission is to transform vehicles that are already exclusive into something unique. McLaren Special Operations puts the customer at the center of the creative process, with access to a wide range of personalization options - from individual components, performance enhancements and refinements that include the rich menu of MSO Defined options, to bespoke options and projects, that produce unique cars. More than 85% of the 765LT Coupé customers have accepted MSO and we expect that the interest of the Spider buyers will be even higher. " Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

Two MSO Defined Packs are available for the 765LT Spider - the Clubsport Pack and the LT Black Pack. The MSO Clubsport package reduces both the overall weight and increases the performance on the racetrack with a portfolio of lightweight options and performance upgrades. These include McLaren Track Telemetry with three cameras, super-light carbon fiber racing seats and an upgrade for the racetrack brake with carbon-ceramic brake discs and bespoke brake pads from the McLaren Senna. The MSO LT Black Pack gives the 765LT Spider an even better "stealth" look. The technical external components - tonneau, front splitter, rear bumper and diffuser, air inlets and exterior mirror housings - are all in glossy black.

On request, MSO can replace the aluminum hood with a carbon fiber hood in body color or in glossy carbon fiber. In addition, the customer can choose from an extensive menu of individual upgrades, ranging from a tonneau cover in glossy carbon fiber to a carbon fiber steering wheel with a satin finish, a light front badge or an ignition key made of glossy carbon fiber.

The McLaren vehicle warranty

The normal service interval for the new 765LT Spider is one year or 15.000 km (12.400 miles), whichever comes first. The McLaren vehicle warranty covers the vehicle for three years from the date of purchase with unlimited mileage, while the paint surface is guaranteed for three years and for rusting through the body a guarantee of 10 years. The new LT Spider is also eligible for the McLaren Extended Warranty, which is available for 12 or 24 month periods from initial purchase until the vehicle is 10 years old, allowing the vehicle to be covered for up to 12 years.

McLaren 765LT Spider - Technical Specification

Engine configurationM840T engine, 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, 3994cc
Drivetrain layoutLongitudinal mid-engined, RWD
Power PS (bhp / kW) @ rpm765 hp (755/563) @ 7,500rpm
Torque Nm (lb ft) @ rpm800 (590) @ 5,500 rpm
Transmission7-speed SSG. Comfort, Sport and Track modes
SteeringElectro-hydraulic; power-assisted
ChassisCarbon fiber MonoCage II-S monocoque with aluminum front and rear crash structures
SuspensionIndependent adaptive dampers, dual aluminum wishbones, Proactive Chassis Control II (PCC II). Comfort, Sport and Track modes
BrakesCarbon Ceramic Discs (F: 390mm R: 380mm) with forged aluminum brake calipers (6-piston front Monobloc; 4-piston rear)
Wheels (inches)Front: 9J x 19; Rear: 11J x 20
TyresPirelli P-ZERO ™ Trofeo R tires

Front: 245/35 / R19 93Y (XL)

Rear: 305/30 / R20 103Y (XL)

Length, mm (inches)4,600 (181)
Wheelbase, mm (inches)2,670 (105)
Height, mm (inches)1,193 (47)
Width, with mirrors, mm (inches)2,161 (85)
Width, mirrors folded, mm (inches)2,059 (81)
Width, without mirrors, mm (inches)1,930 (76)
Track (to contact patch center), mm (inches)Front: 1,659 (65.2); Rear: 1,617 (64)
Lightest dry weight, kg (lbs)1,278 (2818)
DIN notch weight [fluids + 90% fuel], kg (lbs)1,388 (3060)
Ramp angle, degrees (with vehicle lift)6.93 (8.88)
Luggage capacity, liters150/58 (under tonneau)


Performance data

0-97km / h (0-60mph)2.7 seconds
0-100km / h (0-62mph)2.8 seconds
0-200km / h (0-124mph)7.2 seconds
0-300km / h (0-186mph)19.3 seconds
0-400m / ¼ mile10.0 seconds
Up to speed330km / h (205mph)
200-0km / h (124mph-0) braking, meters (ft)108 (354)
100-0km / h (62mph-0) braking, meters (ft)29.5 (96.8)



CO2 emissions, g / km WLTP EU (combined)280
Fuel consumption, WTLP EU I / 100km / UK MPG
Extra high10.9/25.9
Fuel consumption, US mpg



Vehicle (years / miles)3 / unlimited
Roadside assistance (years)3
Body perforation corrosion (years / miles)10 / unlimited

Mclaren 765LT Spider 2021 Tuning 44 The most powerful Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

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Mclaren 765LT Spider
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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 The strongest Mclaren Spider ever: the 765LT Spider is here!

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