820PS in the BMW E61 M5 Touring from G-Power!

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The suitcases are packed, the woman, child and dog stowed away and the tailgate of the E61 is closed and the boring journey to the next holiday destination begins. So it could be ...! It looks very different if we put 6 letters in front of the mentioned E61 abbreviation. Then the whole thing is called G-Power E61 M5 and the trip on vacation can take place at up to 362 km / h. If you can do without some luggage, you can even tackle the Tripp at 372,1 km / h, namely if you pick up the G-Power E60 sedan.

820 hp in the E61 M5 Touring from G-Power!


The G-Power version of the "old" M5 makes the current BMW M5 F10 look damn old. Many pure-bred super athletes, too, by the way. G-Power has forcibly ventilated the V10 using a bi-compressor system, thus increasing the performance in the highest expansion stage to an unbelievable 820PS / 790NM station wagon & 830PS / 810NM sedan. The G-Power has been on the market for a few years, but due to its 30th anniversary, G-Power wanted to know again and has decided to do the V10 again. The sedan is already the fastest sedan in the world with an unbelievable 372,1 km / h you can even annoy a Veyron for a long time.

0-200 km / h -> 9,5 seconds

G Power BMW M5 4

Now it was the turn of the station wagon and it is now also in the Guinness book with an impressive 362 km / h (regulated). Need more detailed information about the station wagon? 0-100 km / h -> 4,4 seconds / 0-200 km / h -> 9,5 seconds and 25,6 seconds from 0-300 km / h! G-Power offers several versions of the performance enhancement. It starts with a system with a mono compressor on 580Hp for € 8.687. Further levels are 600, 620, 640 up to 700 hp. The maximum power of 820 hp, on the other hand, can only be achieved with the bi-compressor system. The rest of the chassis has also been changed, forged 20 inch aluminum and a coilover kit that can be adjusted in rebound and compression stages in nine stages.

⚠ also as G-Power Hurricane RS sedan ➡ klick

G Power BMW M5 5

A ceramic brake system with 396 mm discs in the front and 380 mm discs in the rear in conjunction with six or four-piston fixed callipers was installed so that the whole load also brakes. Everything can also be completely customized on the inside. Alcantara, carbon, audio system, iPads, Apple iMac etc. can be ordered. A small disadvantage of the whole thing is the price of € 288.000. If we receive timely information about further changes to the E61 Monster from G-Power, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: G-POWER)

G Power BMW M5 7

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820PS in the BMW E61 M5 Touring from G-Power!

G Power Hurricane RS BMW E60 M5 sedan compressor 4


News from 08.06.2020

As already mentioned in the article above, the conversion as G-Power Hurricane RS is also available for the BMW E60 M5 sedan. Recently a 2010 M5 was offered for sale as G-Power Hurricane RS, which had installed a somewhat weaker performance kit on 750 PS. The dealer specifies the maximum speed at 367,4 km / h and the measured performance of this example is said to be even 765 hp.

There may be an update with information and pictures soon. If this is the case, we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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