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911 Magazine Aesthetics The unique

Absolutely unique pieces in Episode 22: A 356 that was believed to be lost reappears and a unique 911 is created in a secret transatlantic project. Also: Alfredo Häberli on the poetry of design.

The discovery of the Porsche 5006

Thomas König and Oliver Schmidt, founders of the Hamburg Prototype Museum, discovered an old Porsche in a backyard in January 2013. It is the oldest surviving Porsche 356 from German production. What follows is an odyssey spanning years. The mission: to bring the rarity back to its original condition. Nine years later the time has come.

The birth of the Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupé

In 2019, the Porsche Club of America (PCA) came up with a daring idea. You want to create something unique, something that has never existed before. Together with Porsche Classic, they form a transatlantic secret project and build the 911 Classic Club Coupé in PCA design based on the 996, Type 911. It is the birth of an absolutely unique piece - in the sportiest form that has ever been installed in a Type 996.

The poetry of design

The Swiss designer and Porsche enthusiast Alfredo Häberli takes the 9:11 magazine on a tour of discovery in his home on Lake Zurich. During a trip to his studio, we learn how the keywords poetry and precision are reflected in his design language - and what connects them with his private 1976 Porsche 911. Photo credit: Porsche

911 Magazine Aesthetics The unique

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