Discreet: the 2023 Audi S6 and S7 as Design Edition!

If you live in the USA and are interested in a new Audi S6 or S7, you can use the 2023 model to make the so-called "Design Edition package" to order. It includes a few visual changes inside and out and was unveiled yesterday by Audi. The trim option costs $2.500 and is only available for the 2023 model year, according to Audi. Orders will be accepted from June 2022. The Design Edition of the S6 and S7 (Type C8, 4K or series code F2) are in the Painting Arrow Gray with a roof available in brilliant black. But also in Brilliant and Mythos Black Metallic, Daytona Gray Pearl Effect, Firmament Blue Metallic, Florett Silver Metallic, Glacier White Metallic, Tango Red Metallic and Ultra Blue Metallic.

2022 Audi Design Edition

In addition, many components on the body are in the Color: Liquid Chrome kept dark. The changed look is combined with high-gloss black Audi rings, Nameplates, Window frames and Mirror covers. They are further headlight lenses a little darker and the Design Edition models are more chic 21 inch wheels. On the S6 they have a textured finish and the five spokes split into a V shape at the rim. On the S7, the rim has open, trapezoidal elements where each spoke splits off. By the way, there are always red ones calipers with an S badge and a few details were also available in the interior. Installed here are about Sports Seats with black Valcona leather cover and the Gear levers, the lower Console as well as the side knee pads are covered with Dinamica, a microfiber fabric by Audi.

flattened steering wheel with Alcantara cover

Next gets the bottom flattened Steering wheel an Alcantara cover and it is also heatable. With red contrasting seams the sporty cabin is successfully rounded off. In terms of technology, the 2023 models of the S6 and S7 have the new electrically powered one Compressor systems of the brand. This includes a Electric motor with a small turbine that builds up the necessary boost pressure more quickly. The result is improved throttle response and a barely perceptible turbo lag. However, the performance of the 2,9-liter V6 remains the same with the update 450 PS & 600 NM and therefore does not change. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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2023 Audi S6 and S7 as Design Edition
Photo credit: Audi
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