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BMW E46 M3 with unique M3 semi-car trailer!

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BMW E46 M3 with unique M3 semi-car trailer!

Lenny Karenski, a member of the Car Clubs of America, has found a crazy solution to the lack of space in his M3 sedan. Instead of choosing one Roof rack or at worst for one normal trailer to decide, he built from the back Half of an accident E46 M3 a very special BMW M3 semi-car trailer. He started the project after hearing about his 2011 550i GT on one 2002 M3 (E46) had switched and realized that he lacked the necessary storage space in the M3. For the project, Karenski bought an M3 convertible body. He found this on the Internet in New Bern (North Carolina). And then he started with that Halving the convertible and building the trailer. He installed one Tailgate of a Nissan Frontier pickup with the original Nissan brackets.

BMW E46 M3 with M3 semi-car trailer

There was one for that Trailer hitch from Germany and after months of intensive work, Karenski had the semi-auto trailer professionally installed paintto match the color of his M3. Now he uses it to get his Equipment for track days to transport. In addition, he even installs two Rear seats, assembled a functional one Convertible roof and thus created a cozy retreat for his track days. In a conversation with Bimmerlife He mentioned that the semi-auto trailer attracts a lot of attention on the track as well as on the road. People then turn around, take photos of the unusual construction, wave or simply smile at him. With the project, Karenski has proven that Trailer tuning Not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher. Photo credit/source: Lenny Karenski (Facebook)

BMW E46 M3 with unique M3 semi-car trailer!

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BMW E46 M3 with unique M3 semi-car trailer!

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BMW E46 M3 with unique M3 semi-car trailer!
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