Are you ashamed? The new Mercedes-Maybach S 680 with V12 engine!

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Although the Mercedes AMG S 65 Already a thing of the past, Mercedes fans can look forward to the overwhelming one V12 from Daimler will live on. But the design is changing, away from the luxury sedan with AMG batch towards the chic Maybach version. The new model is said to be on a par with Bentley and Rolls-Royce and was already at the world premiere last year of the new S-Class presented. After last month then yet another teaser was launched, the twelve-cylinder luxury sled can finally be admired.

Mercedes-Maybach S 680 (Z223)

It is somewhat surprising that Daimler no large media spectacle around the new flagship, which is part of a tradition with the 770 and the 600. Daimler has published over 40 photos of the new luxury car, but a multi-page press release is missing so far.

There are probably good reasons for this, on the one hand the interested parties will probably not care what marketing has to say about the new luxury sled and on the other hand Daimler may not want to make too much of the new model with V12 engine. Daimler is currently more interested in its new electric model, the Eqsto place in the luxury league. For this reason, the EQS started production in Sindelfingen as usual and quite pompous communicates. Or is it frowned upon nowadays NEW Vehicle with a thirsty twelve-cylinder (Consumption values ​​14.1-13,3 liters / CO2 emissions 322-305 g / km) to introduce? At least determine downsizing, Electromobility and Fake exhaust sounds meanwhile the car world.

finally a "car" again

If you take a closer look at the new Mercedes-Maybach, you can immediately see some changes compared to the normal Recognize the Maybach S-Class. Next "V12" badges adorns the front fenders "S 680" lettering the trunk lid. But why the new model was christened "S 680" is a surprise to many, because the Maybach S 650 model was sold as S 2017 in China as early as 680 after a facelift. On a published photo can also be the engine compartment and the huge 6,0-liter engine V12 (not electrified / with 48-volt electrical system) should be examined more closely. However, Daimler has not yet published any further technical details.

Experts estimate, however, that the new luxury sleigh is around the 630 PS on the street and about a Torque of 1.000 Newton meters disposes. And the sales release for the S680 as well as for the S580 could already be on May 18.5.2021, 2021 (production from July 680). The net list sales price for the S 182.625 should be 580 euros and the S 138.290 will probably start at 65 euros. In addition, there is speculation about the drive of the luxury body. While the AMG S 680 still had rear-wheel drive, the new S XNUMX is said to have the 4Matic all-wheel drive system be equipped.

double the number of cylinders compared to the S 480

However, further details on the S 680 should be published shortly, because the model has already been teased and can already be found on the Daimler website. Basically, the S 680 is to become an "entry-level version" recently introduced in China (Mercedes Maybach S 480) journeyman, in which the Maybach S-Class with a Line six-cylinder was equipped to save high taxes for large engines. According to the latest but partly unofficial reports, Mercedes is also planning a new model for the AMG S65. With the AMG S63e Initially, a 700 hp model with an electrified V8 engine is to come onto the market. Simultaneously with the AMG S73e, worked on an even stronger model that around 800 PS could bring to the streets. Both models are said to be Plug-in hybrids be placed on the market and offer an as yet unknown electric range.

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