Overlooked? Impossible! The BMW I8 in green

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Once again a particularly eye-catching BMW comes from Dubai, where the inconspicuous way of getting around is not so common. This BMW I8 is currently for sale at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and is wrapped in eye-catching green. Anyone looking for a way to make their BMW I8 a bit more eye-catching, here is the answer. In my opinion, however, the blue accents could also have been changed, in my opinion it doesn't match the color. You can find some key data about this BMW I8 below.

BMW i8 green foliation Abu Dhabi 1 overlooked? Impossible! The BMW I8 in green
(Photos: Abu Dhabi Motors - BMW)

  • Neon-green foliation
  • Sliding doors
  • black black belt elements
  • 231 PS are enough to reach a top speed of 250 km / h
  • Electric motor on the front axle brings a system performance of 362 PS
  • 4,4 seconds to pace 100km / h
  • Electric motor has a range of 30 kilometers


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